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engageDilys Robinson, Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) will be speaking at the Employee Engagement Summit 2014 on the 3rd April.

Dilys has led IES’s research into employee engagement since 2002. This started by defining and measuring engagement, and identifying its drivers; we then moved on to developing a greater understanding of managerial behaviours, both engaging and disengaging. IES’s diagnostic tool enables managers to assess their people management style, and identify the behaviours they should adopt, and those they should avoid.

IES is active in the Engage for Success (EFS) movement, and Dilys is a member of the ‘guru’ steering group, having been involved in giving expert advice right from the start of the MacLeod Review in 2008-09. She is currently co-facilitating a special interest group for the EFS movement which is exploring possible future directions for engagement, both conceptually and in terms of practical actions.

At the event, she will examine the direction for engagement and discuss if the concept of engagement is still relevant.

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