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Is maternity coaching a must? Many organisations now offer specific support for employees going through parental leave, and it’s increasingly a gender-inclusive programme: maternity, paternity or simply parent transition coaching.

My Family Care are exploring some of the latest trends in this short survey. Have you implemented some support in your organisation? What were the drivers and what impact have you found? Are you doing it internally or externally; online, offline; or both?

The collated results of this anonymous 2 minute survey will be interesting and useful to many HR professionals, as the competition rises between employers to retain talent through what can be a decisive point in a working parent’s carer.

The results to the survey will be shared in HRreview’s upcoming free online InsideHR webinar, running on 10th October.

In the webinar, James Marsh from HRreview will be discussing the latest trends and developments and the drivers behind them, with Jennifer Liston-Smith, Director, Head of Coaching and Consultancy at My Family Care, and a recognised innovator in the Parental Leave Coaching field. They will be joined by Diversity and inclusion specialists form leading employers, Citi and AIG and will be sharing their insights and experiences of the changing parental leave challenges in their organisations.

Register for free before 2pm on 10th October to listen to the webinar live

Or have your say and take part in the survey by clicking here.