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This coming Tuesday, 2 June, marks the return of InsideHR, the exciting new series from HRreview that explores the latest trends and issues affecting HR and senior management practitioners in the UK. The third installment, hosted by Symposium’s Head of Consulting, James Marsh, will take a timely look at the political landscape and discuss the major issues on the agenda for the new Parliament officially opened today by the Queen. 

James Marsh

Our own Head of Consulting, James Marsh will once again be hosting the latest InsideHR webinar on the impact of politics on human resource management


The election

Last month’s General Election result came as somewhat of a surprise, with a Conservative majority victory that ended the widely anticipated prospect of a hung parliament and long period of negotiation and brokering to form a two, or even three, party coalition. After formally setting out their agenda today, the next five years under David Cameron’s stewardship are still likely to see significant changes to social and economic circumstances and legislation that will undoubtedly result in the need for HR to adapt. The Queen’s Speech laid out a range of policies on issues including immigration, our relationship with Europe, apprenticeships and employment, family policy and strike action reform, all of which will directly impact on human resource management in one or more ways. 

The panel

James will once again be chairing an expert panel including Ben Black, Managing Director of My Family Care, Sam Smethers, CEO of The Fawcett Society, Ed Bowyer, Partner at Hogan Lovells, and Vicky Pryce, prominent economist and political commentator, with the aim of demystifying the agenda for HR and helping all management professionals prepare for the changes ahead. 

Register now

To register to watch this webinar live or gain access to it on demand, please click here. You can also access the previous two on childcare and on shared parental leave.