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Mission Critical HR Analytics 2016

A must attend conference for all HR professionals involved in HR Analytics!
Learn how to take people analytics further to influence decision-making processes that impact organisational performance. Be one step ahead and predict future situations.
The event will be balanced with case studies, practical examples, knowledge sharing, discussions with HR analytics experts and plenty of opportunities for networking.

People Planning, Measurement and Analysis – Day One

Identifying Metrics and KPIs through Strategy Mapping and Scorecards. Attend this seminar to learn how measures and metrics can be developed in a way that helps to drive the success of your HR strategy, your people and the organisation. Learn why an HR strategy map and scorecard provide the most effective framework for developing and managing measurement within your own organisation and rehearse this approach for your own organisation.

People Planning, Measurement and Analysis – Day Two

Workforce Planning, Measurement and Analysis

Analytics and Reporting: Optimise your workforce planning and measurement activities through an analytical approach Analytics can be used to confirm our understanding about the way that our particular HR practices and organisations work. Common examples include identifying the most important talent in a business and how these people can be recruited, managed and paid more effectively. And analytics can also be used to add further intelligence to the metrics and KPIs which have been chosen to help monitor new workforce strategies.