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Health @ Work Summit 2014

Health @ Work

Preventative strategies to ensure your workforce is healthy, productive and engaged. A recent survey by SimplyHealth and the CIPD found that absence rates across the UK are on the rise again and there has been a particular increase in the number of mental health related illness’s. It has also been reported that presenteesim is having an impact on productivity as employees are venturing into work ill.

This conference will feature insights and case studies from leading employers who will share their learning’s from recent health initiatives. The event will address
◾how to support employees suffering from mental ill health
◾how to build resilience amongst employees
◾how to build an evidence based business case to implement preventative wellbeing strategies.

The pressures of the 2014 workplace

Interesting research recently described in the Journal of Science & Medicine by Prof Sarah Damaske and colleagues, indicated that people have significantly lower levels of stress (cortisol levels) at work compared to home. The findings were true for men and…
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Slow down! How time pressure creates stress in the workplace

Globalisation and our incredibly competitive world have profoundly changed businesses’ organisation. The quest for more productivity and performance is never ending leading to regular internal restructuring and upgrade to new technologies. Time hasn’t extended, we still have exactly the same…
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Calling senior management!

By Ann McCracken Work-related or personal stress has the potential to negatively affect an individual’s psychological and physical health, as well as an organisation’s effectiveness. Increased absence, presenteeism and reduced productivity are the hallmarks related to organisations who have not…
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