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Immigration for Recruiters: Right to Work in the UK

Recruiting from overseas can solve many problems for organisations – but also create new ones. Obtaining work permits for your employees; checking they have a legal right to work; dealing with changing regulations. How to stay up-to-date?

If you employ non-UK nationals, this is the ‘must attend’ seminar for you, led by former immigration officer with first hand experience in managing work permits and immigration applications.

Getting to Grips with HR Business Partnering

Understand how to transform existing HR generalists into effective business partners.

Attend this seminar to catch-up with the latest thinking on HR business partnering and to fully understand what the role can look like, the skills and behaviours involved, and how existing HR generalists can be transformed into effective business partners. With the support of the trainer and other attendees, reflect on how the role can be tailored to, and then developed in, your own organisation

Mediation Skills Training

Mediation Skills

Identify, address, and resolve workplace disputes

The course will help participants understand the nature of conflict, the process of mediation and the skills needed to successfully mediate. Participants will learn, observe and practice the techniques of mediation.

Social Media Skills for HR Professionals

Social Media Skills for HR Professionals

Recognise the opportunities available from the use of social media tools for HR.

The combination of new technology and new behaviours is leading to rapid changes within the ways that organisations work. HR needs to understand and intervene within these changes, as they involve people at least as much as they do technology, and also because of the people challenges involved in managing change.

Moving from Recruitment to Strategic Talent Acquisition

Moving from Recruitment to Strategic Talent Acquisition

Understand how recruitment can be designed as a strategic approach to talent acquisition.

This seminar will review the major inputs to the shift in recruitment, using research, case examples, and the trainer’s and participants’ own experiences. In addition, the course will consider the impacts of the shift on participants’ recruitment activities, recruiter capabilities and their recruitment functions.

Re-engineering Performance Management

If there was one process in HR, or even across the whole of business, that most organisations would agree is broken, it would surely be employee performance management. Nothing else we do turns both managers and employees off so much or results in so much wasted time (mainly through poor application and ineffectual conversations, but often not helped by bureaucratically heavy designs).

Attend this workshop to understand how performance management can be ‘enhanced’ – perhaps better phrased as ‘re-engineered’ – to have a true and significant impact on business performance.

Investigation Skills Training

Investigation Skills Training

Learn how to conduct an objective and thorough employee grievance investigation.

The investigation skills training programme is designed to provide attendees with an understanding, process, framework, and tool set to enable managers to undertake an investigation – working with a proven methodology.

People Metrics & Analytics

People Planning

Analytics and Reporting: Optimise your workforce planning and measurement activities through an analytical approach Analytics can be used to confirm our understanding about the way that our particular HR practices and organisations work. Common examples include identifying the most important talent in a business and how these people can be recruited, managed and paid more effectively. And analytics can also be used to add further intelligence to the metrics and KPIs which have been chosen to help monitor new workforce strategies.