Supplier Rate Q&A

Why do you charge a higher rate for suppliers to attend a conference?

Most Symposium Events conferences are sponsored by a small number of carefully selected exhibitors. A key element of what we offer those exhibitors is the valuable opportunity to spend a day networking with potential customers. However, the events are aimed at end users (mostly HR professionals) and we do not want them to feel ‘swamped by people trying to sell me things’ so we deliberately keep the number of exhibitors small. We also feel it is unfair to our exhibitors if their competitors attend the event paying only the standard delegate rate and then spend the day networking or researching their target market. We therefore charge a higher rate to discourage suppliers from attending the events to sell ‘on the cheap’. We encourage suppliers to book an exhibition stand as this gives you profile and branding opportunities as well as access to contact information following the event.

What do you class as a supplier?

Any organization or person who is attending the event to sell a product or service, to promote themselves, or to ‘research the market’ with a view to offering products and services now or in the future.

It does not matter if your organization is a charity, non-profit body, public sector or private sector organization, if we feel you are attending in the above capacity, we will charge the supplier rate. However, if you are an HR professional or other ‘end user’ who happens to work for a supplier company we may waive the supplier rate at our sole discretion.

Isn’t it unfair to charge suppliers a higher price?

No. We are a commercial enterprise and we are offering a valuable opportunity to suppliers for which there is a premium price payable.

What do I get if I pay the Supplier Rate?

A delegate pass for the conference and therefore the opportunity to participate in the event, ask questions and network with other delegates. However, you will not receive any of the other benefits available to exhibitors. The is no pre-event promotion or branding on our website, marketing emails and printed publicity material. Nor will you get a profile in the conference documentation, an exhibition stand, the opportunity to distribute literature (unauthorized material found at the event will be removed) or the full delegate contact details following the event. If you would like any of these benefits, you must book an exhibition package with us.

Are the Supplier Rates negotiable?

We offer discounts if you would like to attend more than one event or bring more than one person. We are also happy to tailor promotional packages to meet you specific needs.

Where can I find out more information about exhibiting?

See our Sponsorship page

Call Sales on 020 7231 5100