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Conference Branding, Networking and Thought Leadership Packages

We offer a number of conference exhibition packages, ranging from deals giving you exclusive thought leadership, branding and speaking opportunities, through to cost effective exhibition stand and literature distribution options for smaller suppliers. We reserve the right to refuse suppliers admission as delegates unless they are sponsoring the event. The best option is to enjoy the benefits of a full exhibition package. Elements within our conference sponsorship packages typically include:

  • Thought-leadership speaking platforms and the opportunity to chair or lead workshop sessions
  • Exhibition stands: ideal networking focal points.
  • Insertion in high-quality conference documentation – a lasting reminder for delegates of who you are and what you do.
  • Brochure branding – your logo on conference brochures.
  • Web presence – you logo and a link on the conference homepage plus a profile on the website.
  • Email branding – your logo and link on marketing emails – typically sent regularly throughout the marketing period to 70,000+ contacts.
  • Free passes for your team and special guests.
  • Reduced rate booking prices and special offers for your customers.

If you supply services related to the event topic, you won’t have to fight to distinguish yourself from the mass at a large exhibition (we typically have between five and ten exhibitors). Nor you won’t have to talk to thousands of casual passers by before finding someone with a real interest in your products (our delegates pay to attend each event and therefore have a serious commitment to resolving the issues around which the event is built). To find our more about any of our sponsorship packages or to book your place, please call Sales on 020 7231 5100.

Benefits of Conference Sponsorship

Sponsorship packages work hard to support your marketing programme. Typically, sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Exhibiting helps you meet new potential customers and provides your organisation with a unique opportunity to enter into dialogue with decision makers. Each event is planned to give you lots of ‘quality time’ exposure to delegates – for example, typically your exhibition stand is located where delegates meet for tea, coffee and lunch.
  • Build your brand – your logo will feature on printed mailings and regular marketing emails. In addition, logos and other information can be included in delegate packs and on the conference website.
  • Demonstrate your expertise – we offer a strictly limited number of ‘Platform’ packages which include speaking and chairing opportunities.
  • Events are an excellent opportunity for training your own staff.
  • Media exposure generated by the event provides excellent public relations opportunities.
  • By providing clients and potential clients with a valuable benefit – such as a guest place at an event you are sponsoring – you can enrich and deepen your existing customer relationships.
  • Full contact details for delegates are provided after the event, enabling further follow up and sales activity.

For pricing information please email Martin Horlington Tony Okbani here or 020 7231 5100

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our FAQ’s regarding Sponsoring an Event.

Sponsor FAQ

Why exhibit? Can’t I just attend as a delegate?

For most of our events supplier access is limited to exhibitors.  To preserve the value of exhibition spaces for those sponsors, we do not allow other suppliers to attend and network at our events.  We reserve the right to refuse access to any delegate that we believe to be a supplier.

To discuss your options further please call customer services on 020 7231 5100.

Which sectors are delegates drawn from?

This very much depends on the topic of the conferences. Overall our conferences attract an even split from the private and public sectors with a few delegates from charities and not-for-profit organisations. A rough guide would be 60% private sector, 30% public sector and 10% charity.

What marketing exposure do you provide for sponsors?

Again, this depends on the sponsor package you opt for. We can provide, on top of the speaking platform and/or exhibition stand on the day, prominent branding opportunities as a part of the direct marketing campaign. Your logo can be placed on the conference marketing materials that are emailed, typically, to between 50,000 and 80,000 people regularly over a 16 week marketing campaign. Branding opportunities are also available as a part of our marketing emails. All sponsor information is also publicised on the, much read, conference pages of our website and contact details and a profile are usually included in the delegate documentation, which is kept and referred to by delegates following the event.

What is special about your conferences?

Our events provide companies excellent targeting opportunities, as delegates are typically facing immediate challenges relating to the specific topic of the event. As we have over 40 events per year, you can select programmes that closely relate to the concerns and needs of your customers.

What are the objectives of sponsors at your events?

Our sponsors have a variety of objectives when they choose to sponsor an event:

  • To raise brand awareness
  • To position themselves as thought-leaders
  • To increase sales or find new prospects
  • To improve business relations (networking)
  • To test market a product
  • To focus the agenda of their industry in a particular direction
  • As a part of their client entertainment
  • To generate publicity
Is there a discount if multiple events are sponsored?

We do provide discounts to companies who sponsor more than one event.

How many people attend your events?

Delegate numbers vary widely over different conferences and it is impossible, in advance, to predict exactly how many people an event will draw. To give you an idea of what to expect, our average event books between 70 and 120 paying delegates.

How many customer leads can we expect to get?

Naturally, we cannot guarantee delegate interest in your products or services. However, we generally get good feedback on the number and quality of the leads that our conferences generate. In part this is because the event provides day long access to people, ensuring plenty of time to create meaningful relationships. Exhibitor stands are normally in the refreshment area, providing a branded meeting point during breaks and most exhibitors sit in on the conference, sharing the delegate experience and participating in the discussions – a great way to meet people and promote your cause!

A typical response from a sponsor, Colin Whitehead, Sales Director at ICAS, is this: ‘We received a higher number of good quality sales leads at this one day symposium than at a recent three day staff benefits exhibition’.

Do you provide a full list of delegate contact details after your events?

If agreed in your contract, sponsors may be provided with the contact details of delegates. This means if you miss talking to anyone, or your conversations are cut short, you can get in touch later. We state clearly in our Terms and Conditions for delegates that their information may be passed to sponsors and other organisations directly involved in the event, so there are no data protection issues preventing us from passing on contact details to paying sponsors.

Do sponsors receive reduced client places at events?

Sponsorship packages generally include a number of free places for members of your team or for customers. Some sponsors like to use events as opportunities to entertain and network with clients and we are happy to discuss discounts for block bookings and mutual marketing activities to enhance events.

Can we have exclusivity for an event? We don’t want our competitors there!

We are happy to discuss event exclusivity with sponsors. This gives you a head start on your competitors and we have had feedback that this makes a refreshing change from larger exhibitions, where there can be many stands clamouring for the attention of the few decision makers.

Can we choose the location and the size of our exhibition stand?

We always try to maximise the time the delegates spend in the exhibition area. Stands are, therefore, usually placed where the delegates break for coffee, lunch and networking opportunities. Occasionally this does mean we have limitation on space and flexibility, but we always try to accommodate exhibitor preferences. We generally limit the number of exhibitors in order to try to give each company plenty of time with the delegates.

Can sponsors speak at the events?

This depends on the sponsorship package that has been agreed on. A ‘speaker’ or ‘platform’ package includes a speaking slot for a representative of your organisation to talk on the issues involved with the conference. This can raise awareness of your brand among delegates and recipients of marketing material and position your organisation as a thought-leader. Our delegates are always interested to hear first hand experiences from people facing the same challenges and in the same roles as they are – so case studies where your clients are the speakers can be particularly effective.

For pricing information please email Martin Horlington Tony Okbani here or 020 7231 5100


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