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We caught up with Jo Dodds from Engage for Success to discuss engagement and a look into her presentation at the upcoming Employee Engagement Summit 2020.

1) What are your organisation’s biggest challenges for employee engagement?

As a movement with a mission to help people and workplaces to thrive, our biggest challenge is in helping organisations turn their learning and knowledge into effective action. Many leaders within organisations can tell you why employee engagement is important and will also tell you that it is important to them and their organisation but, often, that doesn’t translate into an engaged workforce.

2) Why is it so important that we train and develop line managers in the goal of employee engagement?

Line managers have much influence on the culture of an organisation and hence a big impact on the employee engagement within. The challenge in training and developing line managers is in how to ensure that working to engage employees is part of ‘business as usual’ not part of a ‘programme’ that is pushed to one side according to the needs of the business. It’s vital to develop line managers so that they continue to engage their employees throughout periods of challenge within their business.

3) What are you most looking forward to about the Employee Engagement Summit 2020?

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to hear from other organisations about what they are doing as well as meeting leaders who are eager to learn about how to better engage their people and create thriving workplaces.

We are delighted to welcome Jo as a speaker at this 15th annual conference – as co-Strategy Director within Engage for Success, she helps to spread the word about employee engagement and shine a light on good practice: and her expertise and knowledge will be presented in her talk on engaging line managers to effectively engage with employees.

To find out more about Jo, or our other outstanding speakers, click here to go to the Employee Engagement Summit information page.