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Helen Needham is Managing Principal and Neurodiversity Lead at Capco, a management consultancy in Financial Services as well as the Founder of Me.Decoded. As a consultant, Helen has delivered complex business transformation initiatives, but often struggled with people and this held her back. Struggling with anxiety, Helen was diagnosed as autistic in 2017.

Realising that she was different, not difficult, Helen changed the way she worked. This helped her succeed in the workplace, and reduced her anxiety. Since then she has launched an employee neurodiversity network at Capco, to bring about a wider change.

Helen is recognised by peers as someone who is visionary, a big picture thinker, excited by possibilities, and passionate when talking about new concepts and ideas. A leader who is full of integrity, and cares deeply. She is now bringing this passion, commitment, and visionary thinking to helping the world see the value and benefit of Neurodivergent thinkers. Helen will be sharing her expertise through a talk on:

How to embrace and include neurodiversity in your organisation: making a difference with underrepresented groups 

  • Understanding the employability challenge of neurodiversity
  • Developing a programme to enhance workplace awareness, skills and confidence
  • Evaluating the positive metrics and highlighting learning for future roll-out

Find out more about Helen, and the Diversity and Inclusion conference here.