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In her role as Head of People Analytics at the Office for National Statistics, Elaine is passionate about the development of people within organisations. In both the healthcare sector and in the capacity of an HR professional, she has spent seven years applying psychological theory to practice, while more recently her focus has been on the use of data analytics to drive initiatives forward and enable a high performing organisational culture.

In her current role, Elaine leads a team that conducts advanced analysis of internal people data which is paving the road to enhanced decision making.  The team undertakes predictive analysis on a range of people factors, such as employee engagement, performance, attendance and more to inform prescriptive interventions that enable more focussed leadership, particularly during times of change.

At Mission Critical HR Analytics 2018, Elaine will be exploring how to use predictive analysis to deliver actionable and relevant insights including:

  • How to move from historical data analysis to predictive analysis
  • Building credibility for analytics and preventing numerical refute
  • Reconciling the need for immediate results with long-term goals
  • Using predictive analysis to delivery a real business impact for senior executives and their decision making

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