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Top leading professionals from NASA, Angry Birds and rock stars are here to provide you with practical advice in helping you discover and achieve your career goals.

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In a rapidly changing world of infinite possibilities, this video will help you a clear the path in finding what you want out of your job and give you the necessary motivation to achieve it.  

The Amazing You, a new film produced by Dragos Bratasanu, features interviews from a number of fancy space-related people. They talk about the world’s future, technologically, scientifically, culturally, and where you and your passions might fit into it.

NASA’s most renowned leaders use it, astronauts use it, ROCK stars use it, award winning entrepreneurs use it, New York Times bestselling authors use it, Angry Birds use it, tens of thousands of people from around the world are inspired by it and now you can use for a better livelier work force.


NASA Space Prgoramme

What are the personal leadership secrets that allow NASA leaders to successfully land three robots on Mars and build spacecraft to fly to the end of our galaxy, and how we can apply the same secrets to fulfill our greatest dreams in life?


Angry Birds

What is the thinking of the genius behind Angry Birds – the fastest growing brand in history – and how can we implement the same thinking into our educational systems?

What is the magic behind some of the greatest musicians in the world? And what does all this have to do with you?

What do you have in common with astronauts, polar explorers, rock stars, spiritual masters and the Angry Birds? 

You are welcome to join us on this journey, to discover your true purpose and to discover new ways of making it a reality. This journey allowed the mind of man to expand beyond its frontiers, this information allowed humanity itself to travel beyond our world, to shatter the paradigms of our limits as people and to build our vision for a greater future. And now, this information will be in your hands.

Once you set foot on this breathtaking journey of inner exploration, you may never go back.

Once you take the first step in the direction of your most wonderful dreams and your highest purpose in life, you can only walk forward. You will be guided by the people who literally took humanity out of the cradle – planet Earth – and up into the playground of stars.


Steve Vai

NASA leaders, astronauts,  Stanford University visionaries, Grammy-award winning rock stars and paradigm-changing entrepreneurs share with you the new models for creating authentic, life-long, meaningful personal success. 

The movie shares 30 years of success intelligence and personal leadership experience combined with state-of-the-art discoveries in human development. We bridge together the wisdom of our past with the vision of our future. This knowledge has been used to increase performance in 2000+ NASA teams, including the people responsible for NASA’s most complex programs – the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and the new Space Launch System designed to take humans back to the Moon and further to Mars.

This knowledge has been used by aerospace leaders, paradigm-changing entrepreneurs including the founder of Angry Birds – the fastest growing brand in history, the founder of Singularity University, internationally acclaimed authors and Grammy Award winning musicians to reach incredible levels of success and personal fulfillment. 




Brilliant Stars in this Amazing Movie

  • Steve Vai – Grammy Award Winning Musician 
  • Gregg Braden – New York Times Bestselling Author 
  • Peter Vesterbacka – CMO Rovio, Angry Birds 
  • Dr. Ed Hoffman – NASA Chief Knowledge Officer 
  • Dr. Scott Hubbard – NASA MARS Program Director 
  • Dr. Charles Pellerin – NASA Director, Hubble Space Telescope
    Development Team
  • Dr. Robert Richards – Co-Founder Singularity University 
  • Dr. Dragos Bratasanu – President Success Engineering Corporation 
  • Dr. Dorin Prunariu – Cosmonaut 
  • Howard Martin – VP HeartMath


‘I LOVE IT!  Your film will open the hearts and minds of people to the world of amazing possibilities that await them’
      – Dr. Robert Richards, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Founder of Singularity University

‘Absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring! This movie reveals timely knowledge from people, wisdom that is fundamental for your success’
      – Haritina Mogosanu, Spacehead & Starryteller New Zealand

‘What a great deal of excellent work and thought!’
      – Prof. Scott Hubbard, Stanford University & NASA MARS Program Director

‘There is a world wide shift taking place in the awareness of our own consciousness and our abilities to achieve positive and creative things as a race and this project has the potential to inspire on those levels’
      – Steve VAI, Grammy Award Winning Musician

Duration: 53 minutes
File download size: 625 MB
Language: English
File Format: Video MP4


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