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Expatriate Management and Global Mobility Forum 2014 – Webinars


The event covered all aspects of assignment management from setting policies and overcoming challenges in emerging markets all the way through to repatriation and retention.

Through a series of presentation and networking sessions the conference covered the latest strategic thinking and practical examples to develop your knowledge.

A streamed audio file and slide presentations from the conference.

Fourteen sessions recorded live at the event.


Type: Presentation recorded at conference
Format: Clickable slide presentations plus streamed audio file only
Duration: 14 sessions – varying lengths

Where to find the presentations

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The Event Programme:

Sessions from this conference available in the webinar include:

Session 01:  Chair’s opening remarks

Dr. Sue Shortland, Principal Lecturer in Human Resource Management, London Metropolitan University

Session 02:  Identifying the types of assignments and individual challenges

  • Managing multiple types of assignments including commuter, short term, long term and permanent moves
  • Examining the challenges of each type of assignment
  • Practical tips to ensure success

Andrew Burley, Global Mobility Manager, GKN


Session 03: Issues to consider in international mobility

  • The challenges posed by Global Mobility’s changing landscape
  • Tips on when and how companies should strategically review their global mobility programs in order to establish their own unique footprint
  • Understanding your company’s unique culture can help guide you to the solutions that fit your situation
  • View Hardship through the lens of your company’s culture in order to choose the right philosophy

Kay Hall, General Manager Europe & Head of Business Development EMEA, AIRINC

Session 04:  Questions and discussion with speakers

Session 05: Knowledge share networking session

Session 06: Managing expatriate assignments in ‘difficult’ locations

  • Pro-actively managing risk
  • Understanding culture differences in emerging markets
  • Practical guide to moving people

Richard Pennington, Head of International Assignment Services EMEA, General Motors

Session 07: Setting up in a new country

  • Examining where the move fits with the business strategy
  • Practical challenges and solutions during the relocation process
  • Approach to tax and social security – challenging the status quo of “expatriate” vs. “detachment”

Oonagh O’Connell, Senior Global Mobility Manager, Kingfisher

Session 08:  Questions with and discussion with speakers

 Session 09: Knowledge share networking session

Session 10: Global mobility policy review

  • Ensuring polices are aligned to the business strategy
  • Linking talent, reward and mobility
  • Maximising resources, ensuring cost effectiveness

David Wells, Director of Global Mobility, Diageo

Session 11: Future proofing your mobility programme

Rebecca Riley, Snr Manager Global Mobility & Corporate Compensation, Hilton Worldwide

Session 12: Evolution of global mobility; The Atkins journey

  • Examining the drivers behind change
  • Ensuring operational efficiencies and compliance
  • Learning’s, challenges and experiences
  • Philosophy of mobility segmentation

Ellyn Karetnick, Head of International Mobility, Mercer and Liz Cox, Head of Global Mobility, Atkins

Session 13: Partnership Model – A collaborative business experience

  • Ensuring partners are an extension of the in-house team
  • Managing 2nd tier partner issues and fulfilling commitments responsibly
  • Maximising value and minimizing costs when partnering

Grant Weinberg, Director Europe, Asia & Middle-East Talent Acquisition, Gilead Sciences

Session 14: Chair’s closing remarks