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Health @ Work 2015 – Webinars


This Health @ Work conference will provide you with cutting edge strategies to improve employee wellbeing and mental health in your organisation at a time when stress and mental health problems are reportedly on the rise.

Focused on practical, preventative strategies to improve employee health, our panel of expert speakers and thought leaders will guide you through proven techniques and the latest innovations, from building resilience, to weaving mindfulness into your organisation’s culture.

A streamed audio file and slide presentations from the conference.

Seventeen sessions recorded live at the event.


Type: Presentation recorded at conference
Format: Clickable slide presentations plus streamed audio file only
Duration: 17 sessions – varying lengths

Where to find the presentations

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This Health @ Work conference will provide you with cutting edge strategies to improve employee wellbeing and mental health in your organisation at a time when stress and mental health problems are reportedly on the rise.

The Stress Management Society states that seventy-eight per cent of employees say that stress affects their mood, sleep and health.  With so many affected, employee wellbeing directly impacts the productivity of your organisation and demands immediate action.

Focused on practical, preventative strategies to improve employee health, our panel of expert speakers and thought leaders will guide you through proven techniques and the latest innovations, from building resilience, to weaving mindfulness into your organisation’s culture.

The webinars will also address the latest strategies and concerns in employee health and wellbeing including:

  • Mental health – improve prevention & awareness and change cultures to normalise mental health
  • Agile working – manage binge working and redraw boundaries with technology
  • Getting buy-in – how to position wellbeing as business critical
  • Employment law – what impact will obesity-as-a-disability have?
  • Fit for Work Service – what value does it add beyond existing OH provisions?


Sessions from this conference available in the webinar include:

Session 01: Chair’s opening remarks

Ann McCracken, Vice President, ISMA – International Stress Management
Association UK

Session 02: 6Ds shaping the future of work

  • The end of the 9-5
  • Benefits on employee wellbeing
  • Managing binge working and redrawing boundaries with technology

Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Technology, Service & Operations Global Innovation Team

Session 03: Developing an evidence-based well-being programme

  • What are your employees’ needs
  • How to quantify them
  • Introducing HealthHive™

Dr Bridget Juniper, Director, Work and Well-Being Ltd

Session 04: The future of benefits

  • The workplace is changing through the development of new technologies
  • Employees are look for more from their employers than just a competitive salary
  • How will employee trends affect the workplace?
  • What benefits should employers put in place to ensure they are looking after their employees now and in the future

Linda Levesque,  Vice President Corporate Benefits, Unum

Session 05: Questions and discussion with speakers

Session 06: Improving employee wellness – implementing a Psychological Therapy Service for common mental health conditions

 Kim Swift, Health & Wellness Manager, PepsiCo UK & Ireland

Session 07: Embedding wellness into your overall HR Strategy

  • Positioning wellbeing as business critical
  • Getting the figures right and understanding the metrics
  • Securing senior engagement and genuine buy-in
  • Linking engagement and wellbeing
  • The case for the wellbeing champion

Alice Huxley, People & Development Manager, SweatyBetty

Session 08: Questions and discussion with speakers

 Session 09: Improving Mental Health: Business Critical Tips

  • Introducing mental health risk management
  • Improving mental health prevention and awareness
  • Co-ordinating support
  • Mental health first aid
  • Embedding continuous improvement

Robert Manson, Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing, Morrisons Supermarkets PLC

Session 10: Mental health at work: redefining culture

  • Getting the right policies and practice in place
  • Talking openly and honestly about stress and mental health
  • Ensuring line managers feel comfortable to address this issue
  • Changing preconceptions

Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing, MIND

Session 11: Knowledge share networking session

Session 12: Stress, resilience and wellbeing: Creating a flourishing institution

  • Importance of enabling employees to take control of their own mental health
  • Creating initiatives and environments that help foster well-being
  • Case studies of large organisation resilience and wellbeing programme implementation
  • Practical and logistic notes

Kate Heffron, Senior Lecturer- MSc Applied Positive Psychology, University of East London

Session 13: Creating a biopsychosocial model for health

  • Linking between physical and psychological health
  • Creating the right environment for health
  • Understanding your workforce and demographic changes
  • Providing better guidance to managers

Kate Field, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, easyJet

Session 14: Disability discrimination update

  • Understanding what constitutes disability
  • Obesity as a disability
  • The impact of fit for work on disability
  • Unravelling recent case law and tribunal outcomes
  • What is reasonable when making adjustments?

Naeema Choudry, Partner, Eversheds

Session 15: A different kind of wellbeing

  • The role of democracy in action
  • Effective communication
  • Walking the walk to tackle mental health

Nick Davison, Head of Health Services, John Lewis Partnership

Session 16: Q & A: The impact of the Fit for Work service 

Chris Rhodes, Chief Nursing Officer at Fit for Work

Session 17: A personal story of breakdown and recovery

  • Coping mechanisms
  • Organisational support
  • Silence in organisations
  • Diversity – Business Disability Forum

Steve Walter, HSE Manager, Servomex Group Ltd

Selected speakers biographies

Ann McCracken Ann McCracken, Vice President, ISMA – International Stress Management Association UK

Conference chair, Ann McCracken, is a Director of AMC2 and the vice president of the International Management Association (ISMA UK) — the professional body for stress management practitioners.

She specialises in developing a positive and resilient working culture in organisations by introducing effective strategies in performance and wellbeing at all levels. The effectiveness of such a positive working culture is measured and assessed using AMC2 corporate diagnostic innovative surveys which include measurement of psychosocial factors, stress and wellbeing. Having initially trained as a scientist, she carried out research with DEFRA and consultancy in the NHS.

Ann spent 10 years in education before retraining as a stress management practitioner in 1996. She is the author of Stress Gremlins, regularly writes/broadcasts and is an external lecturer at Westminster University. She is also a key note/motivational speaker/conference chair.

Nicola Millard Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Technology, Service & Operations Global Innovation Team

Dr Nicola Millard heads up Customer Insight & Futures in BT’s Global Innovation Team. Despite working for a technology company, Nicola isn’t actually a technologist and combines psychology with futurology to try and anticipate what might be lying around the corner for both customers and organisations (sadly, her crystal ball is currently broken).

Nicola has now worked for BT for 24 years. She has done a number of jobs around the BT business, including user interface design, customer service and business consulting. She was involved with a number of BT “firsts” including the first application of intelligent systems into BTs call centres and BTs initial experimentation with home working.

Nicola got her PhD from Lancaster University in 2005, published her first book in 2009 and now spends most of her time doing research, writing blogs, articles and white papers. Nicola has also appeared on both the BBC (Radio and TV) and Channel 4 in the UK, as well as TV and radio in Australia, South Africa, Turkey and Dubai. She has done a TED talk about why people accept or reject technologies and is also a judge on a number of award panels, including the Institute of Customer Service awards.

Bridget Juniper Bridget Juniper, Director, Work and Well-Being Ltd

Bridget Juniper is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. She is a methodologist and specialises in helping organisations to better evaluate employee well-being in a way that is meaningful, relevant and practical. Her PhD examined the measurement of employee well-being.

Bridget set up Work and Well-Being Ltd (WWBL) in 2005 to provide organisations with independent metrics on the well-being of their workforce that then inform their choice of programme for optimising health and performance.

Linda Levesque Linda Levesque , Vice President Corporate Benefits, Unum

Linda Levesque is Vice President, Corporate Benefits for Unum. Unum employs approximately 10,000 employees world wide with four key U.S. locations and three key U.K. locations in Basingstoke, Bristol and Dorking, as well as an operation in Ireland.

Linda is accountable for aligning benefits offered with overall business objectives and strategies. In this capacity she and her staff are responsible for strategy, design, on-going plan management, communication and education of benefits, as well as governance risk oversight and compliance for all benefit programs offered to Unum employees.

Linda holds several certifications and designations, including CLU.

Kim Swift  Kim Swift, Health & Wellness Manager, PepsiCo UK & Ireland

Kim is a qualified HR professional who has worked for PepsiCo for 5 years. Kim has held the role of H&W Manager for the past 18 months and has full responsibility for the UK wellness strategy and occupational health agenda.

Her key area of interest is mental resilience and seeking out new ways to ensure mental health is at the forefront of the organisation’s wellbeing proposition.

Alice Huxley Alice Huxley, People & Development Manager, SweatyBetty

Alice is the People & Development Manager for Sweaty Betty, leading HR for their UK and US operations. Prior to that Alice has worked for the John Lewis Partnership, as well as a freelance L&D Consultant and managed her own Pilates business.

The guardians of Sweaty Betty’s unique culture, Alice and her team are responsible for developing and reinforcing the company’s values, strategically and operationally. With 40 UK stores already and expansion plans in both the UK and US, it’s an exciting time for the brand.

Sweaty Betty’s mission is to convert 1 m women to an ‘active lifestyle’ by 2017 and the company prides itself on inspiring women to find empowerment through fitness. Alice has represented Sweaty Betty in previous discussions and articles regarding fitness and wellbeing in the workplace — a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor, as well as an experienced Learning & Development professional, Alice is passionate about the positive impact that healthy and happy employees have on business success.

Robert Manson Robert Manson, Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing, Morrisons Supermarkets PLC

Robert is currently Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing at Morrisons Supermarkets plc providing a service to over 1 employees. He has over 25 years experience in both the occupational health and health and safety arena working in the chemical, pharmaceutical and retail business.

He has a BSc in Occupational Health as well as an MSc in Health Ergonomics specialising in participatory methods for both ergonomics and wellness programmes.

Robert has written several articles on case management and workplace ergonomic programmes and has been recognised with the Safety and Health at Work – European Good Practice Award Winner 2007 for reducing risk and costs within companies.

He has presented at the Health and Wellbeing Conference in Birmingham in 2014 on Creating a Resilient Workforce and has had a follow up article published in the Occupational Health Journal June 2014.

He is a lead facilitator for the Energy for Performance in Life program which supports work-life integration and engagement among employees.

He has devised and is now delivering Resilient Leadership workshops for Morrisons colleagues. Robert has recently accepted a position as an unpaid Non-Executive Director for the board of Mental Health First Aid England.

Emma Mamo Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing MIND

Emma is Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind. Emma joined Mind in 2007 and, since 2010, has led Mind’s campaigning for mentally healthy workplaces – playing a pivotal role in thought leadership to position mental health in the workplace as a key priority for employers and government.

Emma has led culture change through engagement with employers, health and safety professionals, HR audiences and government on mental health in the workplace and back-to-work support for people with mental health problems.

She also supports networks of employers and stakeholders to share best practice and develop business-to-business peer support. Emma has worked in the disability sector since 2005 and previously worked for Mencap, the learning disability charity.

kate hefferon 150 x 150  Dr Kate Hefferon, Senior Lecturer – MSc Applied Positive Psychology, University of East London

Kate Hefferon is a Chartered Psychologist, Senior Lecturer and the Head of the posttraumatic growth research unit at the University of East London. Her interests lie within the areas of post-traumatic growth, physical activity, health and well-being.

She is the author of numerous peer-reviewed papers and book chapters as well as lead author on popular positive psychology texts books, including ‘Positive Psychology: Theory, Research and Applications’ (201 1) and ‘Positive Psychology: The Somatopsychic Side to Flourishing’ (2013) and co-author of the new “Applied positive psychology: Integrated positive practice “(2014).

Kate Field 150x150 Kate Field, Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager easyJet

Kate has worked in the health and safety field for over 15 years. 8 of those years were working as an inspector for the HSE, working across all industries.

Kate was heavily involved in the promotion of HSE stress management standards when they were launched and lead work in the Disease Reduction team — focusing on work related health issues such as cancer and respiratory diseases. Having moved into private industry 7 years ago, Kate’s interest in physical and mental health with the workplace, and how work can have positive and negatives effects on both, has continued.

Naeema Choudry Naeema Choudry, Partner, Eversheds

Naeema advises on all aspects of employment law, acting primarily on behalf of large scale employers who are household names. She undertakes her own advocacy in tribunals throughout the UK and has a special interest in executive terminations, large scale re-organisations, contractual disputes and discrimination.

Naeema is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences and chairs workshops on equal pay which are jointly hosted with Opportunity Now. She contributes to a variety of publications and broadcast media. She is also featured in the Legal 500, Legal Experts and Chambers directories, in which she is noted for her “articulate and professional manner” and “high level of competency in various areas, from tribunals, to pension issues, to discrimination” and as someone “you would want in your corner”.

Naeema is featured in the Opportunity Now 20th Anniversary Review which celebrates two decades of advancing women in the workplace. She also sits on the North West Advisory Board of Business in the Community. In

September 2013 Naeema was appointed as a Fee Paid Employment Tribunal Judge sitting in the Birmingham Region.

Nick Davison Nick Davison, Head of Partnership Health Services, John Lewis Partnership

Nick joined John Lewis Partnership in 201 1 with a brief to redesign and create a health service to reflect the changing needs of the Partnership. The new service went live in 2013 and continues to successfully support the growth of the business, in a more innovative, efficient and transparent way.

Nick’s previously held roles as Head of Health Strategy and General Manager, Occupational Health at Aviva Health and brings considerable change management experience from the financial service industry.

Whilst not clinically trained, Nick has an MBA from Henley Business School where he majored on the impact of strategic innovation and disruptive forces.

Outside of work, Nick enjoys rugby, skiing and surfing.

Chris Rhodes 150x150 Chris Rhodes, Chief Nursing Officer, Fit for Work

Chris has spent over 20 years delivering and managing occupational services across a wide client base that includes the gas industry, rail, construction, NHS services and media. She developed a keen interest in tropical disease working with the BBC and their Natural History Unit.

Prior to working in the occupational health sector, Chris spent time working in the Falkland Islands as a ward sister in trauma and general medicine as well as working as a UK-based practice nurse. She has worked with Fit for Work assembling and managing a large multi-disciplinary team of health professionals to deliver the Fit for Work service, since October 2014.

Steve Walter Steve Walter, HSE Manager,Servomex Group Ltd

Steve Walter currently works for a manufacturing company as a Health, Safety and Environmental Manager.

Previously he was employed by the manufacturers’ organisation EEF, as a Health, Safety, Climate and Environment Adviser, where he specialised in occupational health related issues.

He originally took a degree in chemistry and biochemistry, then worked as a Principal Environmental Health Officer, completing his Masters degree in Business Administration. He experienced his first breakdown in 1 997 and was awarded the label – bipolar affective disorder – not long afterwards.

After telling his story he became an ambassador for the mind out for mental health campaign and has appeared on BBC Business Breakfast. His experience has been vividly described in his book, Fast Train Approaching, which for some is both disturbing and shocking.

He’s also written a collection of other people’s stories and experiences of mental ill-health; Voices – mental health survivors, therapist, family and friends.