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Shared Revenue Webinar Hosting Service


Want to sell your HR training content online, but not sure how?

Why not partner with us, using our 'host and promote' service we can give your material greater exposure and help you generate a new revenue stream for your business.

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Want to sell your HR training content online, but not sure how?

Are you a trainer with ideas for webinars, but no idea how to create, host or market them?  Or perhaps your company has training materials (video, audio, PowerPoint etc) already completed, but hidden within your corporate site and not reaching the right HR audience? Do you want to generate revenue by selling this content to an audience of over 80,000 HR and related professionals?

Why not partner with Symposium eLearning? Using our ‘host and promote’ service we can give your material greater exposure and help you generate a new revenue stream for your business.

[tab:The Deal]

Here’s the deal…

  • Create your training content
    Whether you want to create new digital content or enhance existing material, we can help you record this and synchronize elements such as audio and PowerPoint to create online-ready training sessions.
  • Get your content online
    With digital training materials ready, either in video, audio or just PowertPoint or pdf formats, we can work with you to get this online.
  • Join the market
    Hosting content with us means you join the Symposium eLearning marketplace, where your content can be browsed by potential customers attracted by our marketing activities.
  • Add a targeted email package to boost sales
    You can also choose take add extra marketing support by booking up to 12 email shots (one per month) to promote your content directly to over 80,000 HR and related professionals.
  • Enjoy your new revenue stream
    To help you get started we offer low set up fees – and you generate revenue from your first sale as we share any webinar proceeds on a simple 50/50 split basis.
[tab:The FAQ]

How long can my webinar be?

Up to one hour.

How long will it be online?

The hosting package is annual.

Can you host live webinars?

This service is for pre-recorded material only.  Webinars are sold to customers on an ‘on-demand’ basis and need to be available to view immediately.

Do your package deals include recording material at our premises?

No.  For audio recording (often used in conjunction with PowerPoint presentations) we can arrange for remote recording or we may send you a digital recorder to use on your premises.  Video recordings are done at our premises in London.  However, we can arrange to record at your premises for an additional fee to cover time and travel etc.

Will you accept any material?

No.  We reserve the right to reject webinar material once we have seen it.  We may reject on any grounds we feel reasonable.  Rejection may be because of, but is not limited to, the following reasons: inappropriate images or language; off topic; topic area already extensively covered; to commercial (eg advertising videos); insufficient training or educational content; poor recording quality.  In the event of rejection, you will receive a full refund.

How do you charge for your service?

We offer very low entry level costs and highly competitive marketing support packages to help you get your expertise to market.  We agree a price for the webinar with you once we have seen the finished material and split any sales with you 50/50.

When do I get my sales revenue and how do I know what I am earning?

We will send you a quarterly report on sales.  Payment is made 30 days after the report date and based on funds received in our account (not orders).


All content is ‘topped and tailed’ with standard Symposium eLearning introductory and closing graphics.  The presentation and branding of material in between is up to you – although we reserve the right to reject material we feel is inappropriate or of an insufficient standard.

Can I include my contact details in presentations


Will I receieve contact details for people who have purchased my webinar?

We cannot pass on customer contact details to you but we can include a contact details and links on your webinar page so that customers can contact you if they wish.

Can the viewer download and keep the webinars?

Viewers can watch the webinars streamed to their PC but cannot download and keep the material.  Webinars are accessible to viewers for three months from the sale date.


[tab:The Packages]

You can select your package based on two sets of options:

  1. What combination of hosting and marketing support you want
  2. What digital content you have or wish to create

Select from these options on the drop down menus above for pricing.

Hosting and marketing support packages:

 Package  Features  Notes

1. Hosting only We will host your webinar, up to one hour in duration, for 12 months from payment date

2. Hosting plus launch email As above, plus a dedicated email focused solely on your webinar to launch sales.  This email is sent to relevant target customers selected from our database of 80,000 plus HR and related professionals.

3. Hosting plus launch email plus two monthly reminders  As above, plus two reminder emails

4. Hosting plus launch email plus five monthly reminders  As above, plus five reminder emails

5. Hosting plus launch email plus eleven monthly reminders  As above, plus eleven reminder emails

Content packages:

 Package  Features  Notes

a. Webinar is ready to go, We will accept audio only files (WAV) but prefer to have visual material too – so video or slides with an audio over dubbed is fine.  Video should be MP4 and ideally 4:3

b. Audio and slide (PPT) files ready, but need combining and making into a video, If you can record the audio file digitally (most PCs have the capacity to do this) and email us the sound file and a PowerPoint presentation, we will synchronize these and export the combined file to a video format (MP4) to use for the webinar.

c. Slides (PPT) ready, but need help recording audio and turning this into a video, If you have PowerPoint slides, but need assistance recording the audio file, we can arrange this.  We may either arrange for a telephone recording service or send a recording device to you to record audio at your own premises.  We will synchronize these files and export the combined file to a video format (MP4) to use for the webinar.

d. Slides ready, but need help recording video and audio and creating final presentation If you want a video of yourself of another college giving the presentation, and this in turn synchronized with audio or PowerPoint slides, we can produce this for you.  Recording takes place at our premises unless otherwise agreed.