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Discover the latest thought leadership and best practice at Workplace Wellbeing and Stress 2017

Back for an incredible 12th year, we are delighted to announce the date Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum 2017 – held on 23rd November at Park Plaza, Waterloo.

The business case for managing the wellbeing of employees is irrefutable. Being seen as an organisation who values the safety, wellbeing and health improves the business brand as an employer of choice thus driving attraction, engagement, retention and productivity.

This highly regarded conference will offer HR, OH and Wellbeing professionals the opportunity to uncover the strategic and practical elements of developing and implementing Wellness programmes, building resilience and tackling stress amongst employees.

This year’s workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum will focus on a wide range of hot topics and thought leadership in the industry, with talks on:

-How to create a ‘great place to work’

-How to support, train and engage with your staff around mental health

-How to build a wellbeing strategy that gets executive buy in

-And more!


 09:00 Coffee and Registration
09:30 Chair’s opening remarks – Neil Shah, Chief De-Stressing Officer and Author of ‘The 10-Step Stress Solution’,The Stress Management Society
 09:45 Mental Health Strategy 101 

  • Looking at innovative ways to think about mental health in the workplace
  • How to create activities and training, for staff, that encourage and promote positive mental health
  • How to use technology to complement your strategy 

Aimee Cain, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager, Thames Water

10:10 Remote workers and wellbeing: the challenges and solutions 

  • Remote working is on the increase and the traditional working structures are changing
  • What are the challenges and concerns for employers when introducing a wellbeing strategy for a changing workforce?
  • How can employers find new ways to connect and support their employees, in this new landscape? 

Andrew Curtis – Group Health Safety & Wellbeing Manager, Vodafone

10:35 Questions and discussion with speakers
11:00 Mental health stigma and how to encourage staff to seek support (PANEL)

  • What is mental health stigma and how do we overcome it?
  • How to start a dialogue and encourage staff to feel safe to open up?
  • What processes can employers put in place to break down stigma? 

Laura Boreham – Health, Safety and Wellbeing Business Partner,The Environment Agency

Becky Thoseby – Group Head of Wellbeing – Department for Transport

Emma Mamo – Mind (TBC)

 11:10 Refreshments and networking
 11:30 Training and Supporting line managers on mental health – Environment Agency Case Study 

  • Why the Environment Agency decided to implement a mandatory training programme for line managers
  • How they implemented the training and got executive level participation
  • The challenges and successes they have had so far 

Laura Boreham – Health, Safety and Wellbeing Business Partner,The Environment Agency

11:55 How to create a ‘great place to work’?  Panel discussion 

  • How to create a dynamic place to work, that not only retains staff but also attracts them
  • How to build a wellbeing strategy that is inclusive
  • How to create an environment that values and supports the ‘whole’ employee
  • What are the challenges involved? 

Melanie Huke, Wellbeing Programme Manager, Google

Andrew Curtis, Group Health Safety & Wellbeing Manager, Vodafone

Chloe Trenchard, Human Resources Change Manager, Treatwell

Katy Rowlands, Wellbeing Strategy Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

 12:20 Questions with speakers and knowledge share session
 12:30 Lunch and networking
13:30 Knowledge share networking session:Roundtable discussions with your peers to share solutions to your key wellbeing challenges
 14:00 Building a wellbeing strategy on a budget

  • How to lay the foundation for a wellbeing strategy
  • How to use your own skills and organisational resources to assist you
  • How to create a successful wellbeing package on little to no budget

Becky Thoseby, Group Head of Wellbeing – Department of Transport

Case Study: Building a people strategy that has the employee experience at the heart of it

  • How we embedded wellbeing into everything we do
  • Adding Flexibility and Responsibility to our core ethos
  • The challenges we faced and successes that we have achieved 

Chloe Trenchard, Human Resources Change Manager, Treatwell

14:25 Case study: The responsibility of leading from the front on Mental Health and the power of stories

  • The role of leaders in the mental health discussion
  • How to create a culture of collaboration and community
  • The power of stories and how they drive mental health strategy

Katy Rowlands – Wellbeing Strategy Manager,Jaguar Land Rover

How to achieve work/life balance

  • What is work/life balance and why it is necessary
  • Key insights about work/life balance
  • How to achieve work/life balance for yourself
  • How to create a culture that supports work/life balance

Emma Mamo, Head of Wellbeing, MIND

14:50 Questions and discussion with speakers Questions and discussion with speakers
 15:00 Refreshments and networking
 15:20 How to factor in Financial Wellbeing into your wider strategy

  • What is financial wellbeing?
  • What are the benefits to having financially well employees?
  • How do you set up a financial wellbeing programme?

Paul Stroud, Senior Financial Wellbeing ConsultantHSBC

 15:45 Work related stress: the impact of pressure

  • What impact does pressure have on the individual?
  • Is there such a thing as ‘good pressure’?
  • What is the organisational consequence of not adequately dealing with stress and excessive pressure 

Peter Kelly, Senior Psychologist, Health and Safety Executive

16:10 Questions and discussion with speakers
16:20 Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference

Event Sponsors

Stress Management Society The Stress Management Society

Since their inception in 2003, the Stress Management Society’s dream has been to create a happier, healthier, more resilient and sustainable world.

They do this by leading effective universal change by maximising your resilience, happiness, productivity and success with their passionate approach to reducing stress and promoting wellbeing.


Neyber is a free financial employee benefit, taking care of the financial wellbeing of UK employees. They enable employers to support their workforce through access to affordable finance, attractive savings and sound financial guidance – all at no cost or risk to the employer. By partnering with Neyber, your employees have access to affordable loans designed to support them when they need to borrow money.

Neyber is also on-hand to help employees build financial knowledge and confidence – with a Financial Wellbeing Hub containing articles, podcasts and tools aimed at helping employees better manage their money.

On Site Massage Co

NeyberOn Site Massage Co have been providing wellbeing services in the workplace since 2003, specialising in office massage and wellbeing workshops. They offer a wide range of wellness solutions from seated massage to stress management workshops and help companies create a happy, healthy, and motivated workforce, reducing stress and improving wellbeing.


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