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Health @ Work Summit 2012 – Documentation


There’s increasing pressure on your workforce due to the current economic climate and more and more people suffering from stress and mental health issues along with increasing health concerns associated with sedentary lifestyles.

These presentation from Health @ Work Summit will help you tackle the issues causing absences in your organisation and in turn help you increase productivity of your employees.

You can purchase the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF).


You can purchase a pdf of the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF), clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button above.

The “Health @ Work Summit 2012” conference documentation includes the following sessions:

Sessions from Day One

Session 1

Introduction and Opening by Conference Chair

Ann McCracken, Chair
International Stress Management Association

Session 2

The Big Picture of Employee Absence: The Challenges and Opportunities in 2012

Howard Hughes, Head of Employer Marketing, simplyhealth and Dr Jill Miller, Research Adviser

Session 3

Pon Fit: International Health Management

Rik-Jan Modderkolk, Fit Manager

Session 4

Evaluating Employee Well-Being

Dr Bridget Juniper, Director
Work and Well-Being Ltd

Session 5

Supporting People at Work with Cancer

Claire Forty, Occupational Health Nurse Manager, Occupational Health &Wellbeing

Session 6

Building a Resilient Workforce

Helen Knight, National Wellbeing Manager
British Gas

Session 7

Dealing with Trauma and Crisis at Work

Andrew Kinder, Advisor & Chartered Psychologist
BACP Workplace

Session 8

Supporting People with Workplace Mental Health Issues

Sean Duggan, Chief Executive
Centre for Mental Health

Session 9

Working at a Strategic Level to Tackle Stress and Build Resilience

Alison Dunn, Head of Treatment Services, Occupational Health
Transport for London

Session 10

Understanding Sick Presence and the Impact on Business

Stephen Bevan, Director, Centre for Workforce Effectiveness
The Work Foundation

 Session 11

Legal Session: Making Reasonable Adjustments

Martin Brewer, Partner
Mills & Reeve LLP


Sessions from Day Two

Session 12

Introduction and Opening Address by Conference Chair

Ann McCracken, Chair
International Stress Management Association

Session 13

Importance of Staff Health and Well-being in the NHS

Dr Phillip Smith, Staff Engagement Research Manager
Department of Health

Session 14

Developing a Strategic Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Dr Andrew Jones, Group Medical Director
Nuffield Health

Session 15

Embedding Wellbeing Strategies Across your Organisation

Dan Estrada, Executive Consultant and Roger Butterworth, Senior Consultant
Jobs in Mind

Session 16

Managing an Ageing Workforce

Kenny Halbert, Head of Occupational Health
Scottish Power

Session 17

Examining the Benefits of Employee Volunteering on Wellbeing and Engagement

Val Carter, CR and Training Director

Session 18

Combining Green Initiatives & CSR with Health Initiatives

Richard Thorne, Group HR Manager,
Admiral Group

Session 19

Steps to Significantly Reduce Sickness Absence

Ian Barr, Wellbeing Advisor

Session 20

Employment Law Question and Answer Session

Martin Brewer, Partner
Mills & Reeve LLP plc

Session 21

Linking Health Promotion to Engagement

Lloydeth Newell, Health and Safety Manager, Corporate Development,