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Employment Law Update 2009 – Documentation


The current economic climate is causing many changes across organisations and HR professionals are dealing with the market challenges. Understanding how to handle redundancies, dismissals and contract changes is crucial to remain ahead and survive the recession. As well as dealing with the effects of the recession there have been many new developments in employment law including: the repeal of the statutory dispute resolution procedure, the new ACAS code of practice when dealing with grievances, discipline and unfair dismissal and the introduction of indirect discrimination into the disability discrimination law.

Employment Law Update 2009 will provide you with the necessary tools to translate new employment law into business performance. Featuring expert analysis from Intel, British Airways, British Telecom and GlaxoSmithKline who will share practical insights to implement best practice procedure.

You can purchase the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF).

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You can purchase the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF), clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button above.

The “Employment Law Update 2009″ conference documentation includes the following sessions:

Session 1

Introduction and Opening by Conference Chair

Peter Lockyer, Assistant Director – London Office

Session 2

The New Statutory Disciplinary & Grievance Regime and Best Practice

Sami Rahman, Barrister
7 New Square

Session 3

Dispute Resolution – From Frying Pan to Fire?

Tamsin James, Director

Session 4

Dealing with Discrimination

Navdeep Deol, Employment Lawyer
British Airways

Session 5

The Introduction of “Indirect Discrimination” into Disability Discrimination Law

Shantha David, Legal Officer

Session 6

Delivering an Enhanced Service for Dealing with ET Caims

Peter Lockyer, Assistant Director – London Office Acas and Ann Bradbury, Conciliator
Acas London Region

Session 7

Changing Employees’ Terms and Conditions

Lucinda Bromfield, Solicitor
Bevans Solicitors

Session 8

Managing Restructuring – the European Experience

Richard Devereux, European Labour Attorney
Intel Munich

Session 9

TUPE and Insolvency

Pulina Whitaker, Partner King & Spalding
International LLP

Session 10

The Considerable Benefits of Workplace Mediation

Carole Russell, Employer Relations Manager
British Telecom

Session 11

Placing Mediation at the Heart of the Modern Business: Reflections from Introducing Mediation within BT and American Airlines

David Liddle, Director
Total Conflict Management

Session 12

Mental Health at Work – the Challenge to Make Reasonable Adjustments

David Roomes, Medical Director – Employee Health & Performance