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The Employee Engagement Summit 2016, on the 10th March at the Kensington Close Hotel, London will provide you with valuable advice and answers from leading professionals to help prove your engagement initiatives.

This year’s summit will feature a presentation from Jenrick Group’s Kevin Matthews, head of marketing and communication.

Kevin has been shaping and steering the internal communication strategies for SME’s across the UK for over 20 years. His philosophy is simple: “if you want to truly engage a community you have to put people at the heart of everything you do, and within an SME this starts with the people in your organisation – your people drive your marketing and in many cases are your marketing.”

This approach has led him to launch a series of programmes which have put the company’s staff at the centre of the organisation and have ultimately led the business to becoming a four-time Sunday Times Top 100 Company to Work For, most recently finishing 4th in the 2015 awards.

In Kevin’s presentation he will be exploring:

  • How much does engagement play a role in retaining employees?
  • 3 key essentials for engaging and retaining top talent
  • Doing well in attracting top talent but struggling to keep them? Here’s the answer
  • Should they stay or should they go; what to do with the disengaged

Other sessions on the day will reveal future trends in employee engagement, ways to retain top talent, employee benefits and practical tips on developing employee engagement.

This event is ideal for HR professionals such as directors of employee engagement, relations, employee benefit managers, heads of internal communications, rewards and recognition and also organisational development managers.

Visit the event page to find out more information about Kevin and other expert speakers that will be presenting at the Employee Engagement Summit 2016 and book your place today.