Seven Tips to Reduce Stress


It may be that you feel stressed by your job, but the cause can just as easily be pressures at home, from partners or children, worries about finances, or even the fear of acute political and social unrest.

FREE GUIDE:  Seven Tips to Reduce Stress

A lot has been written about stress in recent years.  This guide condenses a lot of best practice down to seven concise recommendations to help you cope.  Enter your details in the box below, and this handy guide will be available in your in-box in seconds.

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Seven Tips to Reduce Stress
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Some of the things you will learn from this guide:

  • Understand the real meaning of “stress”
  • Find out how your personality influences you response to stress
  • Learn how diet and exercise can aid mental health
  • Discover the two types and four stages of sleep

Written by Ann McCracken, a leading expert on stress management and employee wellbeing, and currently Vice-President of the International Stress Management Association, this guide is a pithy summary of the most important personal techniques for helping you cope with stress.

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