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Employee assessments are essential to good management

Performance management, and the appraisal or review process in particular, can become an engaging and rewarding event.

A performance review is a systematic and periodic activity that assesses an individual’s job performance and productivity in relation to pre-established objectives. They represent a key facet of an effective, holistic and continuous performance management process.

Monitoring and managing performance is a central activity for HR functions within businesses of all sizes, with varying levels of success. Much has been written in recent years concerning managers’ and HR practitioners’ frustrations with what they perceive to be time consuming, inaccurate or inefficient processes. They can create friction and remove both the managers and the employees they are assessing from other business critical tasks. The annual appraisal in particular has been under sustained attack for some time, an experience that some managers dread when ‘that time of year’ looms large in their calendar.

However, done well and as part of an integrated people management strategy, performance management, and the appraisal or review process in particular, can become an engaging and rewarding event that can help managers and employees understand performance targets and expectations. They offer a platform for conversations about development and support for the employee that may not otherwise happen. Approached in the right way and with the combination of the right system and positive organisational culture of development in place, they can be valuable opportunities for managers and employees alike to analyse and reflect on past achievements, offer support and guidance, provide valuable feedback and plan for new and continuing challenges and targets in line with those of the business as a whole.


The solution

BespokeHR, an HR outsourcing and consultancy firm, have launched BespokePDR, a web based employee feedback and appraisal system that is competency and target focussed, allows continuous 360˚ feedback, is mobile and tablet enabled and can be adapted and branded to fit seamlessly with your existing people strategy. The system allows feedback to be continuously collected from sources both inside and outside the organisation throughout the year, allowing managers to assimilate a clear and detailed picture of an individual’s overall performance. As their name suggests, BespokeHR will work with you to adapt their system to fit your business and people strategy, providing expert advice and support throughout the setup process.

Established in 2005, the Surrey based HR experts have already worked with a wide-range of organisations from diverse industries on their performance management process, from global leaders in passports and travel visas CIBT to London-based creative digital agency Possible. Tim McDonogh, the principal at Bracelands Orthodontic Services, has been delighted with the impact BespokePDR has had in his organisation, a group of three large practices based in Surrey. “Having an online remote appraisal system means that I do not have to be reliant on paperwork and filing systems in order to update comments or review actions. It allows me and the management team to manage staff consistently and fairly and have the information available at any time. Objectives and training can be agreed with deadlines which are recorded and stored to ensure that they are carried out to meet the changing demands of the business.”

Tim was experiencing some of the widespread frustrations about appraisal processes before switching to BespokePDR. “Previously some staff were dissatisfied that various verbal discussions were not being delivered. This may have been due to business changes or a change in management or personnel. However, now, all the information is recorded and all historical data and performance is available at any time. This is really valuable for the staff and ensures that we are all accountable for key tasks and actions for the good of the Practices.”


Good news for Symposium readers

Symposium have partnered with BespokeHR to be able to offer the BespokePDR feedback and appraisal system through their website complete with a lucrative discount for their customers who, by purchasing using their Symposium partner discount code, will receive the first two months of their subscription for free.

“Our partnership with BespokeHR is something we are really excited about here at Symposium,” said James Marsh, HR manager. “We are delighted to be able to offer such an efficient and effective tool to our customer base, and at a significant discount to boot. We are committed to offering only products we feel offer real value to HR practitioners and functions within organisations. We were so impressed with the BespokePDR system that we are now using it ourselves as part of our own performance management strategy – surely there’s no greater endorsement than that!”

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