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Session 01 – Chair’s opening remarks


Session 02 – Designing and delivering the ‘Health and Work Service’


Session 03 – Why do wellbeing at all?


Session 04 – The ageing population; the myths and the facts


Session 05 – Educating employees on healthy lifestyles and minimising cardiovascular risk


Session 06 – Developing a mental health strategy


Session 07 – What is reasonable?


Session 08 – Supporting return to work and getting people back faster


Session 09 – Engaging employees through wellbeing


Session 10 – Building resilience for sustained performance


Session 11 – A personal story; working with a mental illness


Session 12 – Work life balance; examining the impact on wellbeing and organisational effectiveness


Paul has a background in business development, marketing, public relations and consulting, in addition to event management.

After starting work in advertising in 1989, Paul moved into PR where he specialised in B2B communications for business services providers such as leading consultants KPMG and Cap Gemini. He also worked representing trade associations, accounting and law firms and software providers.

Having moved into events during the 1990's, Paul set up Symposium Events in 2003 to focus on conference production and the provision of information to the HR sector.

In his personal life, Paul is a practitioner of Japanese fencing (Kendo). He has also been active in politics, standing for Parliament in 1997 as the Conservative candidate for Preston in Lancashire.

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