Costa Coffee

Address is: Houghton Hall Business Park, Porz Avenue, Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire LU5 5XE, GB




With over 1400 coffee shops across the UK and more than 1000 internationally, Costa Coffee is a global success story with a growing network of retail sites. In addition to our Costa-owned shops, we also operate both corporate and individual franchises: Corporate, Individual, International Franchising. And for Coffee you can get your hands on fast then Costa Express is your King. Our state-of-the-art, self serve coffee bars use precision grinding, tamping, temperature control, freshly-steamed milk, and, of course, our Mocha Italia coffee beans to provide Costa quality coffee in thousands of locations across the world. To the untrained eye, a coffee bean is a coffee bean is a coffee bean. Well, not if you work at Costa. We have people who devote their entire working lives to sourcing, checking and blending our beans. At our Roastery, for instance, Gennaro (he's our chief taster) and his team spend hours every day examining, cupping and charting the exact acidity, body, sweetness, bitterness and aroma profiles of our Mocha Italia blend. It's like an obsession. If any coffee doesn't make the grade, it doesn't make it to a Costa store, simple as that.