Gain the confidence to take conversations about mental health in the workplace to the next action level.

HR and Managers need to be able to recognise some of the most common signs and symptoms of mental health conditions within the workplace. However, because these are not uniform, recognising the individuality of triggers and responses can enhance understanding of how to respond positively to an employee’s mental health.

A workplace that is positive about mental health supports the wellbeing of all employees. The Equality Act 2010 requires support for people defined as ‘disabled’ and many mental health conditions fall under this heading, which means that ‘reasonable adjustments’ should be discussed.

This training is designed to keep you up-to-date with the essential legislation to ensure full legal compliance and overage for your organisation, whilst providing practical support for employers and employees alike. Learn advanced strategies for maintaining good communication and enhancing empathy to encourage openness about mental health issues. There will also be discussion on how to support your employees – and yourselves – during COVID-19. 

Course outcomes

Delegates will: 

  • Discover how emotions can transform an individual’s thinking and mental health
  • Learn what triggers are, how people may respond to them and how managers and colleagues could react
  • Refresh and develop their awareness of appropriate communication and empathy skills
  • Explore positive perceptions and beliefs in the workplace to support positive mental health
  • Enhance their understanding of resilience and how it supports prevention of ill health
  • Explore how to respond to the COVID-19 crisis

Topics covered

Mental Health has been the ‘hot’ topic for Management training for the last 3 years and this 1-day course aims to enhance understanding and awareness to recognize some of the common signs, symptoms and behaviours of mental ill health, as well as enabling compliance with the 2010 Equalities Act.

This course will elicit options for Managers, in their workplace, to support themselves and colleagues with understanding and knowledge, as well as an awareness of when it is appropriate to access support.

Effective communication skills will be covered and used to identify key issues based on the HSE 6 Risk factors, which will help in discussions to pin point workable solutions.

Many organisations lose the skills and experience of capable employees who feel they have no choice but to choose between a deterioration of their mental health or leaving their employment. The expertise gained may support managers to work with their colleagues to find solutions which work for both the organisation and their employees.

The course will be interactive, encouraging Managers to explore techniques and solutions to minimise stigma, enhance both their and their colleagues’ confidence to discuss this important topic. There will also be a discussion on supporting and communicating with employees during COVID-19.


Ann McCracken

Ann is an experienced and highly successful scientist, educationalist, speaker, writer, trainer, coach
and therapist. She specialises in developing positive and resilient work cultures in organisations through
effective performance and wellbeing strategies. An employee wellbeing expert, her post-graduate published
research in immunology has given her great insight into the recently publicised topic of psycho-neuroimmunology
which explores and explains the interactions and impact of stress, wellbeing, mental
toughness, optimism and resilience.
Ann was a research scientist for ten years and, after teaching, began working as a coach and
therapist in 1998. Since then she has built a wealth of experience as a consultant and has become a highly
sought after speaker and chair for conferences, including chairing the Symposium Wellbeing and Stress
Summit for the last four years. Her extensive work delivering training now includes two new and exciting
Symposium workshops on mental health awareness and personal and organisational wellbeing and
Ann is the current vice-president and former chair of the International Stress Management
Association (ISMA), a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster and a member of the Chartered
Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Institute of Biology. She holds a BSc in biology and
MSc in immunology from the University of Edinburgh, both with honours, and is an associate member of the
Royal College of Pathology.


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