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This leadership webinar will outline a new theory of leadership for the 21st webinarscentury: the incomplete leader.

Jon Cowell, Chief Executive of Edgecumbe Consulting, will be discussing the notion of incomplete leadership using the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership. The successful application of these ideas have helped individual leaders and leadership teams from across the world align their personal and collective efforts to bring effective leadership teams together.

We will also hear how these leadership ideas have been adopted by two different organisations, BSI Group and EDF Energy, to help them focus their leadership efforts to create the conditions for their organisations to succeed.

On the October 6 InsideHR series regular chair, Symposiums James Marsh will be joined by three leading professionals from the HR industry to discuss all this and more.

 Our expert panel includes:
  • Jon Cowell -Edgecumbe Consulting;
  • Gary Taylor – BSI Group;
  • Diane Harpham -EDF Energy

To register for the webinar, which is entirely free, simply follow the instructions on this link