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We all understand the theoretical benefits of performance management – the way it lies at the centre of learning, reward, career management etc., and also acts as the basis for increasing the performance of the business. The fact is, however that it hardly ever acts like this.

Attend this workshop to understand how performance management can be ‘enhanced’ – perhaps better phrased as ‘re-engineering’ – to have a true and significant impact on business performance.

On this course you will learn seven key things:

  1. Understand why performance management generally fails it truly enhance and drive business performance
  2. Examine the main opportunities for improving performance
  3. Apply research insights and latest thinking to your performance management process
  4. Access employees’ contribution and potential to drive the performance of your business
  5. Drive learning and development using the capabilities that will enhance business results
  6. Align reward processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness
  7. Create an action plan for the development of performance management within your organisation

This event is suitable for heads of performance management, talent management, learning and development, reward, organisational development, HR business partners and chief resource officers.

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