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Employer Engagement

…they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple. – Sir Richard Branson

Last week, Symposium held its annual Employee Engagement Summit. We welcomed leading professionals and experts who presented best practice case studies and strategies for cost-effective engagement initiatives.

We also welcomed representatives from companies such as Sodexo, NHS, West Mercia Police, Taylor Wimpey and Virgin Media to name but a few.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points learned during the day:

David MacLeodDavid MacLeod, OBE, Co-Chair of Engage for Success Movement, Co-Author of ‘MacLeod report’ on Employee Engagement – Current and future trends in employee engagement

  • Poor productivity is mainly due to low wellbeing, low trust, low engagement and low ‘ownership’ by employees.
  • The four key enablers for facilitating engagement: strategic narrative, engaging managers, employee voice and organisational integrity.


Kevin-MatthewsKevin Matthews, Head of Marketing and Communications, Leathwaite International – How can improved employee engagement help to retain the top talent within your organisation?

  • Only 13% of employees (worldwide) are actively engaged within their work.
  • Companies with the highest employee engagement levels experience a 147% HIGHER earnings per share (EPS) compared with competitors.
  • ONLY 1 in 10 corporations have confidence in the strength of their talent pipeline.
  • You are far more likely to improve the engagement levels of your staff if your initiatives are built from THEIR perspective and not from the COMPANY perspective.


Sue-HedauxSue Hadaux, Director, ReThink Productivity – Communication – the key to engagement

  • On average, colleagues receive communication for just two minutes a day on average.
  • Workplace communications is already changing and estimates that, by 2020, 80% of the global workforce will be in non-desk-based roles.
  • 9 out of 10 people have their smartphone within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Gamification is the application of game design principles into a non-game scenario to build engagement.
  • Businesses using push notifications with gamification via Nudge achieve circa 80% reach with their messages.


Chloe-StraussChloe Strauss, Managing Consultant, Gallup Reworking performance management for the modern workplace

  • Clear expectation from employees improves engagement. Clarity of expectations is linked to productivity increase of up to 10%.
  • Measuring employee engagement doesn’t mean improving it.
  • Of the people who strongly disagree with the statement “My manager holds me accountable for performance”, only 3% are engaged.
  • The single biggest determinant of effective performance manager is the talent of the manager.


Jane Marsh, Group People Director, Innocent Drinks Jane MarshPractical tips on employee engagement

  • Let your people create the purpose and values.
  • Change the short term vision to long term ones.
  • Innocent’s 5 practical tips on engagement:
    • Understand the power of ritual.
    • Implement low cost ideas.
    • Track engagement and do something visible.
    • Think differently about ROI.
    • Look for inspiration from everyone.


Kieran-GrundyKieran Grundy, HR Director, SNC-Lavalin – Leadership and engagement – two sides of the same coin

  • Happier, engaged employees build better, stronger, more successful organisations.
  • Employee engagement is owned by the business and supported by HR.
  • Leadership tools: accountability, empowerment and time.


Helen-CatonHelen Caton, Associate, Engage for Success – Driving employee engagement through coaching

  • The 5 key areas where coaching impacts engagement: productivity, customer satisfaction, absence and wellbeing, retention, and health & safety.
  • The three types of coaching vital to transformation, change and engagement: independent coach, internal coach, manager as coach.
  • Investing in coach training pays bigger dividends for engagement than leadership skills development alone.


Steven-PhillipsSteven Phillips, Director, Ideas Unlimited – Building leader-led engagement into your organisation (not bolting it on)

  • Building leader-led engagement is a process that:
    • Is change can development
    • Has specific (and strategic) purpose
    • Is as much about the engagement of people-managers as front-line staff.
    • Requires the alignment of other factors in the system but starts with the responsibility of people managers.
    • Is an on-going, partially emergent, process of responding to changing circumstances.


Thanks to all our speakers for this event:

Dr Amy Armstrong, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, University of Bedfordshire

Dominic Carter, Director, Ideas Unlimited

Paula Dunne, Head of Engagement and Wellbeing, Santander

Beth James, Communications and Development Manager, hungryhouse

Den Carter, Internal Communications Manager, Virgin Trains

Pippa Richardson, Yoga Teacher, Pippa Yoga



“Interesting and engaging. I liked the practical examples and there were fantastic ideas – very inspiring and genuine.”
Shelley Whittington, HR Manager, Hospital Saturday Fund

“Excellent range of speakers – great topics for discussion. Very engaging and informative.”
Kavita Depala, HR Officer, Rocket Fuel

“One of the best conferences I’ve ever been to!”

“Really good to hear about the research and results and the different approaches to engagement.”

“Great event and great speakers. Thank you for an enjoyable day.”

“Excellent, relevant and enjoyable.”

“Really insightful – different people but with the same issues in their organisations.”


Thanks to our sponsors for this event:

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