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Content is King

Last week, Symposium held its inaugural marcom conference – The Future of Content Marketing Summit. We welcomed leading industry professionals and experts who presented best practice case studies and strategies on how to harness content to engage your audience.

We also welcomed representatives from companies such as Royal Mail, RFU, Take Eat Easy,  TreeSisters, Waterman Group, EY, National Trust for Scotland and Southampton Airport to name but a few.

Here are some key quotes from the day:

Andrew CanterAndrew Cantor, Global CEO, BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association)

  • $118.4 bn was spent on content marketing last year while 94% of communications professionals consider content an effective way to engage with their audience.
  • Branded Content = (Product + People + Platform) Value3.


Adrian Hardy

Adrian Hardy, Head of Marketing, BT Global Services Planning your future content marketing strategy

  • 86% of marketers expect marketing budgets to increase, or at least stay the same, in 2015 compared to 2014.
  • Content marketing is nothing new. The process is as old as marketing itself but it’s how you do it that is new and how you do it is critical to your success.
  • People have an attention span of just 6 seconds. So make your content engaging!


Paul Morris _ 150

Paul Morris, Group Head of Digital & Social Media, The Co-op – Driving influencer marketing via Social SEO strategy

  • People want to hear the story from someone other than the marketing department.
  • Make your content GOOD. Gravitas: If people know and trust your brand they are more likely to engage. Openness: Use social SEO to buld and nurture an engaged audience. Outreach: Amplify content through relevant channels. Distribution: Build and grow authority by creating content people care about and share.


Jane Clancey

Jane Clancey, Head of Global Brand, Amnesty International – Putting storytelling in the heart of your brand

  • By telling the powerful stories of the people we work with, we mobilise millions of supporters around the world.
  • Make connections: Who’s my audience? What connects them to the story I want to tell? How can I use that to tell the story?


Laura Scarlett

Laura Scarlett, Interim Data Director, Time Out Matching your content to your customers

  • There are three key ways data can improve your content marketing: 1. Tell you want content to create; 2. Enable you to get that content to the right people in the right way; and 3. Data itself can become rich content.
  • Every time you want to use the word ‘data’ replace it with ‘customer’. Customer first means data first.


Thanks to all our speakers for this event:

Raluca Efford, Head of Digital & Social Engagement, Direct Line Group

James Turner, Head of Communications, Greenpeace International

Alistair Welham, Head of Marketing, AXA Wealth

Andrew Grill, Global Managing Partner, IBM Social Consulting

Chris Chalmers, Senior Director: Digital, CRM, Content and Social, ASDA

Matt Cory, Managing Director of Spark, Telegraph Media Group



“This event really got me thinking about social and the small things that can make a difference.”

“Very engaging, very insightful and current.”

“Good variety of speakers with interesting and relevant topics.”

“Really insightful: The topics covered the subject matter in a structured and comprehensive manner.”

“A variety of organisations represented. The summit was really interesting – especially seeing two sides of a coin: one with data, one with creativity.”

“Very good value for money – lots packed in!”


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