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This week we are delighted to announce a first look at the programme, topics and speakers for this highly regarded event – built around the challenges discovered in our recent Health at Work survey.

The changing nature of work, unpredictable external environment factors and the tightening of health and safety penalties mean that reviewing and strengthening your health and wellbeing strategy is now more important than ever.

There is a wealth of evidence that suggests a positive link between the introduction of health and wellbeing strategies in the workplace and improved business performance. However, according to CIPD’s recent Absence Management Survey 2016, ‘nearly three-fifths report that their organisation is much more reactive than proactive regarding well-being’.

Awareness of mental health and stress issues is at a new all-time peak, with an estimated 1 in 6 people of working age being diagnosed with a mental health condition. The correlation between physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing is becoming more pertinent with statistics indicating that out of all employees who have a physical health condition, 1 in 5 also reported having a mental health issue.

The focus of this conference will address the key challenges organisations are facing in driving the health at work agenda forward both from a mental and physical health perspective helping attendees:

  • Gain insights to best practice case studies from a range of industries
  • Take away practical tools and strategies to develop a holistic health and wellbeing strategy
  • Attend smaller breakout sessions on the topics that matter to them
  • Network and share best practice insights with industry peers
  • Hear from leading industry experts about the changes to the health agenda in the workplace

This 14th Annual Health@Work Summit will feature talks by workplace health thought leaders from HSL, British Council and Mind and more – for a full list or to secure you ticket, click here.