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hrreviewlogosq09Leading HR industry publication HRreview is running a focus week on global mobility on 18-22 May as part of a long standing partnership with Symposium.

The focus week comes just six weeks ahead of ProGlobal 2015, Symposium’s expatriate management and global mobility forum, which provides a unique opportunity for senior in-house HR and global mobility professionals to discuss the challenges, solutions and trends influencing the success of their international assignments.

The event will cover all aspects of assignment management from setting policies and overcoming challenges in emerging markets all the way through to repatriation and retention. Through a series of presentation and networking session the conference will provide HR, talent and L&D professionals with the latest strategic thinking and practical examples to develop their knowledge.

As organisations become more globalised, the need to employ expatriates for global assignments is ever-increasing. In many corporations based wholly or partly in the UK, international assignments play a pivotal role in succession planning and talent development as well as being an effective means of transferring knowledge, expertise and even corporate culture around the world. 

HRreview is our media partner for the ProGlobal 2015 event. In the special edition PDF download, and throughout next week, they will bring readers the latest thinking from a range of experts and experienced practitioners, including some of those speaking at ProGlobal, on the key expatriate management and global mobility issues facing HR, reward, talent and L&D professionals in 2015. The edition also includes an interview with ProGlobal speaker Jurga McCluskey, partner and head of immigration at Deloitte.

Readers downloading the special edition will also have access to special discounted rate to attend the conference. To find out more, head to