HR230 – Application for a complimentary virtual Health and Wellbeing conference pass


Join our virtual Health and Wellbeing conference for free!

The focus of this brand new conference is to address the key challenges faced by organisations in driving the health at work agenda forward both from a mental and physical health perspective.

This conference will be a virtual day – featuring expert speakers from a range of organisations presenting advice, best practice and case studies on a wealth of topics including:

  • Reviewing, developing and instilling open cultures surrounding physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of home workers
  • Refreshers on occupational health and why it matters
  • Ensuring productivity and impactful strategies following periods of change¬†
  • Addressing sleep and the impact on improving employee wellbeing
  • How to create a healthy work environment
  • and more!

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