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We are delighted to announce that our media partner HRreview are on the shortlist of  Willis Towers Watson’s HR Publication of the Year award.  But we need your help!  Please vote for HRreview here.

Their entry for the awards explains why HRreview are on the shortlist:

HRreview considerably increased its audience throughout 2015. Sessions on the site grew 417%, while Twitter followers exceeded 27,000 in December from just over 18,000 at the beginning of the year. Significantly, this achievement was accomplished with very limited resources.

The continuing development of a large and engaged audience means we have been better able to gauge what news is helpful to our HR readership. Although we primarily offer a news service, with breaking news published throughout the day, we have also introduced video interviews to supplement our written copy as well as producing highly successful monthly webinars on relevant topics.

Example article: Is Beethoven the answer to the UK’s lagging productivity problem?

Inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th birthday, we produced an article considering whether listening to classical music could be the answer to the UK’s lagging productivity problem. The feature is a good example of the innovative editorial style we have implemented to increase engagement and reach a wider audience. We delved into research which illustrated the effect classical music has on concentration in the workplace and raised the point that Beethoven himself often struggled with his concentration.

This article had a 107% increase in views compared to all other articles published that month.

Best exclusive: Heather Jackson, founder of the Balanced Business Forum talks gender balance, diversity and parental leave

Our best exclusive interview was with Heather Jackson – founder of the Balanced Business Forum. Heather created the Forum to help women excel in business. The interview initially focused on her role, but soon turned to the effect children can have on women’s careers. She revealed regrets over times where her career caused her to miss important moments in her son’s youth, as well as the struggle she faced between running the organisation she founded and her own personal motivation for its creation.

This article had a 185% increase in views compared to all other articles published that month.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Wednesday 13th July 2016.

Please vote for HRreview here.