Wellbeing icon consultancyAt Symposium we believe that ensuring the wellbeing of employees is key to their engagement and productivity and that wellbeing initiatives and activities can produce substantial ROI.

We have leading experts in the areas of employee physical and psychological health, stress, resilience, rehabilitation and occupational health, who can help your organisation realize the potential of their workforce through wellbeing.

We can help you build a culture of organizational wellbeing, make the business case for employee wellbeing initiatives and demonstrate that ROI to senior management to gain buy-in. We can also train managers and help them understand their potential impact on the health, wellbeing and performance of their staff.

As part of our range of services, we offer a corporate diagnostic stress audit tool that can allows you to assess the levels of stress in your department or organization and benchmark them using the HSE standards.

We can provide initiatives and advice on areas including;

  • Health at work
  • Employee engagement through wellbeing
  • Stress management on an individual, team and organisational level
  • Stress auditing
  • Stress impact awareness for managers and leaders
  • Building resilience

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