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Taking a regular break from work is important. But finding a productive way to use this time can be difficult when your mind’s stuck in “work mode.” What can you do to make the most of your breaks?

By planning ahead, it’s possible to make your breaks beneficial for body, mind and soul. Deskercise, for example, can get your blood flowing and take your mind off your tasks for five to fifteen minutes at a time. It’s also a great way to take care of your health if your job requires you to sit down all day.

If you prefer to give your mind a workout, read an article or watch a TED Talk to find new inspiration for the task you’ve been working on. Choose a subject that interests you, and you may be surprised at how it changes the way you look at the work you’re doing.

This new infographic is packed with similar ideas on how to shake things up on your coffee break. Packed with suggestions on the best ways to regulate your rest periods, it provides a complete guide on making your breaks more fruitful.

Hard work is not an infinite resource. Recharge yourself with thoughtful rest periods, and you’ll find your working day becomes far more creative and productive. Share with your workforce to help increase productivity.

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