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Do you get that Monday Feeling – all week? If so, you might need to learn how to manage your ‘Health Gremlins’.

The Health@Work movement is gaining momentum year on year, with ever increasing focus on the mental wellbeing side, and is something that Symposium pushes as a mainstay of conferences and training days.

We are delighted to announce that regular training consultant and scientist Ann McCracken will be releasing her latest book this week: How to get back your mojo which introduces the radical idea of Health Gremlins, based on a period of observations 18 years in the making.

With her cartoonist – Clive Francis – Ann has developed amusing, insightful depictions of behaviours and outcomes of thinking processes, using Health Gremlins as a method to easily explain concepts and outcomes in easy to understand ways. This book will help employers and employees alike recognise behaviours and that the choice to change them if they wish is clearly with the individual.

The thought leadership depicted in this latest book from renowned author Ann will be incredibly useful for HR professionals who have their finger on the pulse of wellbeing at work and want to develop their knowledge to help identify potential issues in their workforce.

Learn more about Health Gremlins

Ann will be bringing her research to the training days run by Symposium, developing her popular topics to include this up to the minute research. Dates for these training days will be announced soon, with tickets sure to sell out quickly.

Get your copy of How to get back your mojo here.