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Assessing, Addressing and Embedding Your Health Agenda

After another fantastic Health @ Work Conference in 2013 we are delighted to announce that the next event will be taking place on Thursday 12th June in London.

Book early to reserve your place and take advantage of our super early bird 60% discount.

We will be adding details about the 2014 event in due course, however please find below a summary of this years event along with some feedback from the delegates.

We look forward to seeing you next summer.


Hayley Griffin
Production Manager, Symposium Events.

This timely event has been specifically designed to address all of your workplace health related issues. Featuring strategic insights and practical case studies from leading employers, sharing their learning’s from recent health initiatives. The event will address how to support employees suffering from stress & mental health problems and will look at the ROI of holistic wellness programmes.

According to a recent survey by Kenexa the UK was among the 10 worst performing countries for employee wellbeing last year and work places are reportedly not doing enough to support employee health. However the evidence clearly shows that healthy workers are more productive and there is a close link between employee wellbeing and engagement, event a small investment into the health of your employees can pay big dividends.

This conference will give you the tools to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity as well as helping to increase motivation and engagement amongst your workforce

Confirmed Speakers:

  • British Airway – Mark Popplestone, Consultant Occupational Physician
  • BT Technology, Service & Operations – Steve Exall, Human Resources, Employee Relations Manager
  • CIPD – Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy
  • Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service – Alison Sydenham, HR Officer – Policy
  • E.ON – Louise Boston, Occupational Health Manager
  • Freshfields – Jackie Palmer, Senior Manager, Compensation and Benefits
  • GlaxoSmithKline – Robert Manson, Director, Occupational Health, UK Operations
  • Harrods – Priscilla Corrigan, Occupational Health Manager
  • Inmarsat – Lloydeth Newell, Health and Safety Manager
  • ISMAUK – Ann McCracken, Vice President
  • PwC – Sally Evans, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing
  • Relume – Claire Genkai Breeze, Co-Founder
  • SimplyHealth – Howard Hughes, Head of Employer Marketing
  • Tesco – Susan Carty, Head of Health and Wellbeing UK&ROI
  • SEQOHS Accreditation – Sally Coomber, Consultant Occupational Physician & Clinical Lead
  • KP Snacks, Sara Cooper, Employee Health & Wellbeing Manager

Attend Symposium Events’ Health @ Work Summit to:

  • Combat workplace stress and develop dynamic action plans to build resilience
  • Examine the link between health, performance and engagement
  • Manage mental and emotional wellbeing and implement wellbeing strategies that work
  • Take a pro-active approach to absence management and get long term sick back to work
  • Examine key elements of a successful health programme and make sure health measures are tangible
  • Ensuring your CEO and senior leadership team are driving wellbeing strategies, not just paying lip service
  • Understand reasonable adjustments and disability management
  • Manage an ageing workforce and adapt to a changing workforce demographic

What did delegates from the 2012 Health @ work conference say?

  • “We found the event extremely relevant to our work and it provided an excellent channel to communicate and promote our services and initiatives” – Executive Consultant, Jobs In Mind
  • “Excellent choice of speakers, good opportunity allowed for questioning panel, very good how to do it theme, friendly and no intimidating atmosphere created by organisers is a +. Well done and thank you!!” – Occupational Health Manager, Harrods Ltd
  • “Really useful share of knowledge. Good network opportunity. Valuable to see both public and private sector” – Health & Wellbeing Manager, BHRUT
  • “All the sessions were relevant no matter what size business you were in. Very inspirational” – H & S Advisor, ABEL & IMRAY
  • “Excellent conference – well ran, full of information – great to hear other peoples answers and performances within the workplace” – Occupational Health Manager, Alcatel-Lucent
  • “Gained quite a lot of ideas from speakers on how we can drive things forward!” – Group HR Manager, Admiral Group plc

Who should attend?

  • HR Directors and Heads of HR
  • Occupational Health Managers and Advisers
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Managers of Health and Wellbeing
  • Managers of Health and Safety
  • Heads of Employee Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Managers
  • Rewards and Benefits Professionals
[tab: Programme]
09:00 – 09:30 Coffee and registration
09:30 – 09:45 Introduction and opening address by conference chair

Ann McCracken, Vice President, ISMAUK

09:45– 10:15 Your Body Doesn’t Know What You Earn; Managing work life balance and burnout
  • Managing tech addictions and broken sleep patterns
  • Helping mid and senior managers regain control
  • Managing mental and emotional wellbeing
  • 4 pillars of resilience

Claire Genkai Breeze, Co-Founder, Relume

10:15 – 10:45 Ensuring your CEO and senior leadership team are driving wellbeing strategies, not just paying lip service
  • Engaging senior management
  • Driving a wellbeing strategy from the top
  • Getting the metrics and measurements right
  • Calculating the ROI from interventions

Howard Hughes, Head of Employer Marketing, SimplyHealth

10:45 – 11:15 Considerations when selecting an occupational health provider
  • Understanding your organizational needs for health, work and wellbeing
  • Describing the wide range of OH advice and support available in the UK
  • What you need to know about SEQOHS Accreditation of OH services

Sally Coomber, Consultant Occupational Physician & Clinical Lead, SEQOHS Accreditation

11:15 – 11:25 Questions and discussion with speakers
11:25 – 11:45 Refreshments and networking
11:45 – 12:10 Implement wellbeing programs that work
  • Connecting wellbeing with engagement
  • Initiatives with no cost to the employees
  • Successful interventions
  • Engaging remote workers
  • HR policies and procedures

Lloydeth Newell, Health and Safety Manager, Inmarsat

12:10 – 12:35 Employee wellbeing; a case study
  • Individual wellbeing assessments and peer support
  • Health and wellbeing impact on performance and engagement
  • Helping employees manage stress and achieve work life balance

Alison Sydenham, HR Officer – Policy, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

12:35 – 13:00 Improving employee wellbeing at Harrods

  • Wellbeing – from conception to implementation
  • Pulling together and utilising all available resources
  • Top tips learnt on the wellbeing journey

Priscilla Corrigan, Occupational Health Manager, Harrods

13:00 – 13:05  Discussion with speakers

11:45 – 12:25 The role of the line manager in supporting employee engagement and wellbeing
  • Why line managers are so central to individual and organisational resilience
  • Line management behaviour and the link to engagement and stress
  • Developing better managers
  • Line managers’ role in supporting return to work

Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy, CIPD

12:25 – 13:05 Managing absence and return to work
  • Managing culture change in a small company
  • Taking a pro-active approach to absenteeism
  • Early intervention and rehabilitation programmes
  • Getting employees back to work faster

Sara Cooper, Employee Health & Wellbeing Manager, KP Snacks

13:05 – 13:55 Lunch and networking
13:55 – 14:30 Knowledge Share Networking Session

Round table discussion debating key concerns in employee health and wellbeing

  • Promoting musculoskeletal health
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Terminal illness
  • Dealing with health scares and epidemics
14:30 – 15:00 Key elements of a successful health programme
  • Comparing how health strategies differ between public and private sectors
  • Reviewing what’s on offer and pulling everything under one structure
  • Gaining senior management buy-in globally
  • Getting the whole company on board

Susan Carty, Head of Health and Wellbeing UK&ROI, Tesco

14:30 – 15:00 Developing a strategic approach to wellbeing and resilience

Sally Evans, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing, PwC

15:00 – 15:30 Benefits of integrated health services
  • Treatment pathways
  • Identifying health risks
  • Targeting wellbeing initiatives
  • Third party provider management

Jackie Palmer, Senior Manager, Compensation and Benefits, Freshfields

15:00 – 15:30 Maintaining mental health and resilience during change and uncertainty
  • Change management and organisational experience during uncertainty
  • Supporting employees and engaging with change

Steve Exall, Human Resources, Employee Relations Manager, BT Technology, Service & Operations

15:30 – 15:45 Refreshments and networking
15:45 – 16:15 Managing stress, resilience and energy – sharing the learnings
  • Undertaking stress risk assessments and dynamic action plans
  • Devising and delivering resilience and energy programmes relevant to the business
  • Dealing with business pressures and external factors
  • Getting buy in and support for key resilience and energy programmes
  • Outcome measures and sustainability

Robert Manson, Director, Occupational Health, UK Operations, GlaxoSmithKline

16:15– 16:45 Reasonable adjustments and disability management
  • How to make reasonable adjustments
  • Practical and legal requirements
  • Translating fit notes and understanding light duties

Louise Boston, Occupational Health Manager, E.ON

16:45 – 17:00 Questions and discussion with speakers
17:00 Close of conference


Mark Popplestone, Consultant Occupational Physician, British Airways

 Mark Popplestone

Mark Popplestone has been in Occupational Health since 1990, working for a variety of companies including British Steel, Nestlé and Virgin Atlantic and currently works at British Airways as a Consultant Occupational Physician. In addition to providing occupational health advice he also has an interest in passenger health issues including “fitness to fly” and in flight emergency medical care.

Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy, CIPD

 Ben Willmott

Ben Willmott leads the CIPD’s Public Policy team, which works to inform and shape debate, government policy and legislation in order to enable higher performance at work and better pathways into work for those seeking employment. His particular research and policy areas of interest include: employment relations; employee engagement and wellbeing; absence and stress management; and leadership and management capability.
Ben joined the CIPD in 2003. He started his career in regional journalism and prior to joining the CIPD was news editor and employment law editor at Personnel Today magazine. He has an LLM in Employment law from Kingston University.

Alison Sydenham, HR Officer – Policy, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

 Alison Sydenham

Alison joined Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (DSFRS) in 2009 as HR Officer. She is responsible for starting well@work: the first employee-led staff network, focusing on supporting staff in managing stress and achieving a work-life balance. The objectives of the team are to both raise awareness of stress and its causes and effects, removing the stigma attached to stress, and to promote permanent solutions for the management of stress, including creating a healthy work/life balance for employees of DSFRS. Four years later, the well@work team are at the centre of all stress and wellbeing promotions within the Service and are currently rolling out extensive Managers Stress training.

Prior to working for the Fire Service, Alison has enjoyed an extensive career working within the Public, Private and Not-for-Profit Sector including working for BUNAC (now merged with STA Travel) as an Interviewer for their Work Abroad Programme and as National Committee Chairperson and member of their General Council.

Alison is an active member of the CIPD Devon and Cornwall branch having previously held roles as Learning and Development Coordinator and Vice Chair. In September 2012 she was responsible for the first CIPD and ISMA (International Stress Management Association) joint conference on Stress and Wellbeing.

As a qualified and accredited Life and Wellbeing Coach with her own business: Ever After Coaching ( Alison has a passion for working with people and enjoys balancing her work between the Fire Service and her Life Coaching Practice. In her spare time, Alison is an enthusiastic musician playing both the Harp and Piano. She currently lives in Exeter in the South West of England.

Louise Boston, Occupational Health Manager, E.ON

 Louise Boston

Louise is Occupational Health Manager for E.ON. One of the UKs leading integrated power and gas companies. She has worked within her present role for over 7 years, with a responsibility for developing health standards, providing strategic health and wellbeing advice and managing a national team of multi disciplinary practitioners. Louise has previously managed OH services within the media, retail, travel, distribution and leisure industries. She completed a degree in OH Nursing at the Royal College of Nursing and has worked as a Specialist Practitioner in the field of Occupational Health for over 15 years. Louise is Chairperson of the Energy UK Occupational Health Forum and speaks regularly at conferences across the UK on a variety of topics including Occupational Health case management and workplace wellbeing.

Jackie Palmer, Senior Manager, Compensation and Benefits, Freshfields

 Jackie Palmer

Jackie Palmer joined Freshfields in 2005 specializing in employee reward and employee benefits, with particular recent emphasis on health and wellbeing. Previously she spent four years at law firm Herbert Smith, working both as a Compensation & Benefits Manager and also as an HR Generalist. Previous roles include generalist HR and graduate recruitment with engineering and management consultancy firms. Palmer is currently focusing on helping overseas offices with specific reward projects, alongside managing an international benefits audit and continuing to develop the Flexible Benefits and health and wellbeing agendas in London.

Robert Manson, Director, Occupational Health, UK Operations, GlaxoSmithKline

 Robert Manson

Robert joined GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in 1994 working within the Environment, Health and Safety team undertaking several roles with a wide remit. He studied and devised a human factors and ergonomics model which resulted in the formation of several Ergonomic Improvement Teams across the UK. These teams focussed on reducing workplace risks and improving productivity and efficiency across the company. In 2007 this work was recognised by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work Agency in winning the best practice award for the ‘Lighten the Load’ programme in Bilbao, Spain.

Later he focussed on other key business health risks and took a lead role in the UK to deliver the company’s health and wellbeing programmes. Part of his remit was to set up a case management model in order to positively manage attendance. This has helped attendance management and reduced absence levels from 11 per cent to approx 3% on some sites across the UK saving up to £1.5 million per site.

Since 2008, Robert has also become a lead facilitator for GSK’s Energy and Resilience portfolio of programmes, which has now been delivered to 40,000 employees world-wide. These programmes have reduced work pressures and demands by increasing energy and resilience levels for employees in both their professional and personal lives. He is a qualified Personal Development Coach and a Master Practitioner for NLP providing Executive Coaching to senior leaders within the company.

He is currently the Director for Occupational Health in the UK and provides a wide ranging service for 15,000 employees in the UK. He has a BSc in Occupational health and an MSc in Health Ergonomics.

He has written several articles on attendance management and participatory ergonomics and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Surrey. He has presented several papers at national conferences on leading occupational health practices.

Priscilla Corrigan, Occupational Health Manager, Harrods

 Priscilla Corrigan

Priscilla has been an Occupational Health Manager at Harrods since August 2009 and has previously worked in the prison service, corporate banking and the NHS.

Priscilla’s Specific OH interests are in case management and OH law. She has increased involvement in implementing wellbeing initiatives for employees throughout Harrods over the past 18 months.

Lloydeth Newell, Health and Safety Manager, Corporate Development, Inmarsat

 Lloydeth Newell

Lloydeth Newell is the Health and Safety Manager at Inmarsat Ltd, the world’s leading provider of global satellite communications – this truly is rocket science! While based in London for her work, Inmarsat has worldwide operations and is a diverse, multi-cultural environment. Lloydeth held various roles within Inmarsat and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH); she has also achieved a BSc Honours degree in occupational safety, health and environment. She has developed management systems, a positive safety culture, bespoke professional courses and has transformed the management of health and safety within the business, she is also an approved IOSH trainer. Over the years changes have flowed through into people’s behaviour and health and safety is now seen much more as part of people’s working lives, not just a chore to comply with. This attitude has now started to develop within the company’s overseas operations, most notably in Italy, Indonesia and Hawaii.

Ann McCracken, Vice President, ISMA

 Ann McCracken

Ann McCracken is a Director of AMC2 and the Vice President of the International Management Association (ISMAUK) – the professional body for Stress Management Practioners . She specialises in developing a positive and resilient working culture in organisations by introducing effective strategies in performance and wellbeing at all levels. The effectiveness of such a positive working culture is measured and assessed using AMC2 Corporate Diagnostic innovative surveys which include measurement of psychosocial factors, stress and wellbeing. Having initially trained as a scientist, she carried out research with DEFRA and consultancy in the NHS . She spent 10 years in Education before retraining as a Stress Management practitioner in 1996. She is the author of Stress Gremlins©, regularly writes/broadcasts and is an external lecturer at Westminster University. She is also a Key Note/Motivational speaker/Conference Chair.

Claire Genkai Breeze, Partner, Relume and co-author of the challenger spirit

 Claire Genkai Breeze

Before co-founding Relume Claire worked with Alexander Consulting as Client Service Director, specialising in team and 1:1 work with Senior Executives from organisations within the pharmaceuticals and finance sectors and with Walleczek & Partners as Client Services Director where she was responsible for multi-million pound transformation projects.

Early in her career, Claire co-founded the Centre for Action Learning Ltd. She has a
Masters Degree in Change Agent Skills and Strategies, is a qualified therapist and
stress management consultant with extensive experience of group work, action
learning, Adlerian therapy, TA, Gestalt and theories in adult learning.

A Zen Buddhist and an experienced corporate coach of 24 years, Claire specialises in
working with people who have broader and deeper questions about what they are
trying to cause in organisations, those who need to recover their confidence or their
inner compass to lead, and those who are regarded as talented but lacking in relational
or EQ skills

Claire is an accomplished public speaker and brings a rich mix of challenge, insight,
conceptual and pragmatic stretch. You can expect changes in awareness, purpose,
energy and leadership mastery.

Howard Hughes, Head of Employer Marketing, SimplyHealth

Howard Hughes

Howard has worked in the health insurance industry for over 27 years with 15 years in marketing. Howard has a BA (Hons) in History and Politics and MBA. As Head of Employer Marketing at Simplyhealth, Howard’s role involves helping companies understand the broad range of employee benefits and how they add value to the business. Howard is a family man. He has three children and a dog called Poppy. Howard also follows Newport Gwent Dragons and is a fluent Welsh speaker.

Susan Carty, Head of Health and Wellbeing UK&ROI, Tesco

Susan Carty

Sue Carty has recently joined Tesco as their Head of Health and Wellbeing and is responsible for formulating a global health and wellbeing strategy.  For the last seven years she has led the Imperial Health at Work Service.  She has also worked closely with Government on a number of health and wellbeing initiatives.  Sue has an MSc in Occupational Health & Safety and an Executive MBA.

Sally Coomber, Consultant Occupational Physician & Clinical Lead, SEQOHS Accreditation

Dr Sally Coomber trained in Medicine at Newcastle and has 25 years experience in the NHS and 17 as Consultant Occupational Physician at The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. She has extensive experience in occupational health in the NHS, other public sectors and SMEs.
Sally is a Fellow of the both the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and of the Royal College of Physicians. She is East of England Regional Specialty Adviser for the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, the FOM link to undergraduate teaching at the Norwich Medical School in University of East Anglia and is the Clinical Lead for ‘The Wellbeing Project’ at Ipswich Hospital. She is also a member of the East of England Clinical Leadership Network.

She was appointed as Clinical Lead for SEQOHS in August 2011 and has overseen the development of the accreditation scheme to date.

In May 2013 she moved on from her NHS post and now works as Clinical Lead for Clinical Audit in Occupational Health at the Health and Work Development Unit, Royal College of Physicians, London.

Sara Cooper, Employee Health and Wellbeing Manager, KP Snacks

sara2Sara has been in the field of Occupational Health Nursing since 1994 and graduated from Sheffield University as a Specialist Practitioner in 2004. She worked for Nestle as an OH Advisor, the NHS as the Leicester Royal Infirmary OH department manager, prior to joining United Biscuits in 2006 as a Regional OH Manager, piloting regional team working across the Midlands and Southern sites. In 2012, KP Snacks separated from UB and Sara joined Snacks heading the Employee Health & Wellbeing team.

The KP Snacks EHW team has 4 members including Sara, who are responsible for delivering a service to approximately 2000 staff within the 4 manufacturing sites and the head office, with locations spanning from Durham to London. There is a requirement to continuously improve our ways of working to innovatively deliver the Wellbeing message to all levels of staff, whilst delivering case management, managing health risks and ensuring legal compliance.



simplyhealthlogo In a world where so many people can’t be bothered, we’re proud to be the healthcare company that can. We believe in helping people access affordable healthcare and delivering exceptional personal customer service. We help two million individuals look after their health, and 11,000 companies choose us as their healthcare provider. You may have known us as HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF, Totally Active, Remedi or Medisure. Our name has changed, but what’s not altered is our award winning commitment to do the right thing by our customers.

British Heart Foundation

Health at Work programme from the British Heart Foundation helps you promote better health and wellbeing in your workplace, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.

It’s completely FREE and provides a range of fantastic
benefits, including:

· a free welcome pack
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Workplace Healthcare
Workplace healthcare & wellbeing has certainly moved forward in the last ten years, quite possibly the word ‘wellbeing’ would not have even been used, but is now regularly applied in the corporate world when referring to the physical & mental state of your workforce.

Keeping your staff healthy typically involved occupational health, physio and compliance with health & safety, perhaps with some health perks within your employee benefit packages. These remain important elements, however…

There is a bigger picture.

Increasingly companies are realizing that the ongoing wellbeing of their people is paramount.
Historically treatment has been reactive, this has now been allied with a proactive approach, the philosophy ‘prevention is better than cure’ has been adopted by organisations that want to keep their people fit, active and productive.

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