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A motivated, healthy employee

Workplace health promotion can lead to increased ‘presenteeism’.

Up to much in June?

A few of us HR types are heading over to the Symposium Health @ Work Summit. You should come down! 

Employee health in the workplace

The Symposium Health @ Work Summit will take place on June 11 2015 in London (venue TBC) and it’s the perfect opportunity to hear from leading experts in recruitment and HR amongst a crowd of knowledge-hungry HR delegates. Employees equipped with healthy mindsets and a high level of wellbeing are possibly the most valuable asset to any organisation, so how can human resource professionals maximise these essential elements?

The HR summit will include thought-leadership on key questions such as:

  • Support individuals to manage their own health
  • Innovative strategies that work
  • Improve mental health and reduce stress
  • Changes to wellbeing approaches
  • Developing line manager competencies
  • Measuring wellbeing investment

For more information, head to the event page.