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Health @ Work Summit 2011

Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th September 2011 – Britannia International Hotel, London

Understand how to deliver a healthier workforce to improve your bottom line


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Assessing, Addressing and Embedding Your Health Agenda

Even a small investment in the health of your employees can pay big dividends for your business; reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity as well as helping to increase motivation and engagement amongst your workforce.

This timely event has been specifically designed to address all of your workplace health related issues; from legal liabilities and responsibilities and examples of high impact ways to reduce sickness absence,to training managers to notice and support employees with mental health problems and looking at the ROI of holistic wellness programmes

Attend Symposium Events’ 6th Annual Health @ Work Summit to:

  • Combat workplace stress
  • Examine the link between health and productivity
  • Take a pro-active approach to absence management
  • Understand the legal issues surrounding sick pay, annual leave and disability
  • Embed health, energy and resilience into the business
  • Build the business case and entrench wellbeing into the business
  • Examine the gap between capability and expectations

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work
  • Health and Safety Executive – Peter Kelly, Higher Occupational Health Psychologist
  • BP plc – Richard Heron, VP Health
  • University of Nottingham – Professor Tom Cox CBE, Professor of Organisational Psychology
  • Work Foundation – Stephen Bevan, Managing Director
  • BACP Workplace – Andrew Kinder, Executive Committee Member
  • Nuffield Health – Dr Davina Deniszczyc, Professional Head of Physicians
  • Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd – Nicky Richards, HR Manager
  • GlaxoSmithKline – Adrian Chojnacki, Vice President Employee Health Management
  • Mars Chocolate – Helen Wray, OH and Wellbeing Manager
  • Nestle – David Batman, Head of Employee Wellness
  • BT – Catherine Kilfedder, Group Health Adviser
  • E.ON – Fiona King, Occupational Health Business Partner
  • Allianz – Banu Gajendran, Occupational Health & Safety Manager
  • United Biscuits – Lorraine Bailey, Group Occupational Health Manager UK
  • PepsiCo – Zoe Eccleston, Health and Wellness Manager
  • Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP – Louise Fernandes-Owen, Senior Associate
  • Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP – Olivia Baxendale, Solicitor
  • National Grid – Andy Buxton, Health & Wellbeing Manager
  • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence – Dr Richard Preece, Fellow
  • PwC – Sarah Churchman, Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing

Who should attend?

  • HR Directors and Heads of HR
  • Occupational Health Managers and Advisers
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Managers of Health and Wellbeing
  • Managers of Health and Safety
  • Heads of Employee Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Managers
  • Rewards and Benefits Professionals
[tab: Programme – Day One]

Day One – Wednesday 14th September

9:00 – 9:30 Coffee and Registration
9:30 – 9:45 Introduction and Opening Address by Conference Chair

Professor Tom Cox CBE, Professor of Organisational Psychology, University of Nottingham

09:45 – 10:25 Health, Work and Well-being: The New Landscape
  • Government initiatives
  • Update on ongoing projects
  • Future opportunities

Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work

10:25 – 10:55 Examining the Link between Health and Productivity
  • Aligning wellbeing into the business agenda
  • Testing the ROI and business case
  • Managing performance and ill health

Richard Heron, VP Health, BP plc

10:55 – 11:10 Questions and Discussion with Speakers
11:10 – 11:30 Coffee and Networking
Interactive Workshop 1

11:30 – 12:30 Embedding a Culture Where Attendance is Managed
  • Dealing with malingerers and disgruntled employee absences
  • Practical steps to improving attendance
  • Managing absence

Lorraine Bailey, Group Occupational Health Manager UK, United Biscuits

Interactive Workshop 2

11:30 – 12:30 Managing Stress and Mental Wellbeing
  • Promoting mental health during economic difficulties and organisational change
  • Tips to tackle work-related stress

Peter Kelly, Higher Occupational Health Psychologist, Health and Safety Executive

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch and Networking
13:30 – 14:10 Knowledge Share Networking Session

This is your opportunity to discuss and debate key HR issues effecting your organisations.

Stream A – Attendance Management: Case Studies
Stream chair: Professor Tom Cox CBE, Professor of Organisational Psychology, University of Nottingham
Stream B – Stress Prevention, Mental Wellbeing and Resilience: Case studies
Stream chair: Peter Kelly, Higher Occupational Health Psychologist, Health and Safety Executive
14:10 – 14:35 Creating Clarity and Support to Manage Long Term Absence
  • Applying consistency across the organisation
  • Dealing with difficult cases such as terminally ill employees
  • Improving return to work rates

John Marsden, Chief Medical Officer, Boots

14:10 – 14:35 Impacting Health Culture through Energy and Resilience
  • Enabling business success through employee health
  • Examining health’s role within the employer value proposition
  • Embedding health, Energy and Resilience into the business

Adrian Chojnacki, Vice President Employee Health Management, GlaxoSmithKline

14:35 – 15:00 Managing sickness absence – long and short term absence
  • Triage
  • Fast track treatment & Rehabilitation
  • Working closely with GP’s
  • Case studies

Fiona King, Occupational Health Business Partner, E.ON

14:35 – 15:00 How Line Managers Can Manage Mental Health Issues
  • Recognising and addressing increased stress levels
  • Looking at the link between stress and absence

Catherine Kilfedder, Group Health Adviser, BT

15:00 – 15:10 Questions and Discussion with Speakers 15:00 – 15:10 Questions and Discussion with Speakers
15:10 – 15:30 Coffee and Networking
15:30 – 16:00 The Impact of the Recession on Employee Health
  • Tackling stress and mental health problems
  • Managing absence
  • Dealing with presenteeism

Stephen Bevan, Managing Director, The Work Foundation

16:00 – 16:30 Mediation and Workplace Counselling
  • Alleviating workplace problems
  • When to use mediation versus counselling at work
  • Dealing with specific problems such as debt, workplace conflict, suicide/sudden death, traumatic incidents

Andrew Kinder, Executive Committee Member, BACP Workplace

16:30 – 16:45 Questions and Discussion with Speakers
16:45 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One
[tab: Programme – Day Two]

Day Two – Thursday 15th September

9:00 – 9:30 Coffee and Registration
9:30 – 9:45 Introduction and Opening Address by Conference Chair

Professor Tom Cox CBE, Professor of Organisational Psychology, University of Nottingham

09:45 – 10:15 Employment Law Update
  • The Equality Act: disability and equality
  • Resolving absence issues

Louise Fernandes-Owen, Senior Associate and Olivia Baxendale, Solicitor, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

10:15 – 10:45 Wellbeing – No Longer the ‘Nice to Have’: Building the business case for wellness
  • Entrenching wellbeing into the business
  • Developing a sustainable wellness strategy to improve employee and business performance

David Batman, Head of Employee Wellness, Nestle

10:45 – 10:55 Questions and Discussion with Speakers
10:55– 11:20 Coffee and Networking
11:20 – 11:50 Integrated Wellness Programmes, What, Why & How?
  • What wellness is, how it is defined
  • Common problems for which wellness services are used
  • Examininging simple lifestyle measures within a work environment

Dr Davina Deniszczyc, Professional Head of Physicians, Nuffield Health

11:50 – 12:20 Cost-Effective Intervention to Improve Health and Performance: The evidence
  • Implementing NICE guidelines
  • What does the guidance mean for employers?

Dr Richard Preece, Fellow, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

12:20 – 12:30 Question and Answers with Speakers
12:35 – 13:30 Lunch and Networking
13:30 – 14:00 Knowledge Share Networking Session

This is your opportunity to discuss and debate key HR issues effecting your organisations. Split into round table groups and discuss your challenges with your peers.

Stream A – Employee Wellbeing
Stream chair: Professor Tom Cox CBE, Professor of Organisational Psychology, University of Nottingham
Stream B – Employee Health
14:00 – 14:30 Using Wellbeing Initiatives to Tackle Absence
  • Reducing overall & psychological absence rates
  • Increasing line manager competence
  • Raising awareness of wellbeing

Nicky Richards, HR Manager, Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd

14:00 – 14:30 Early Intervention: MSD’s, Psychological and Cardio Vascular Risk
  • Getting line manager support and commitment
  • Engaging the workforce
  • Making workplace and lifestyle changes

Andy Buxton, Health & Wellbeing Manager, National Grid

14:30 – 15:00 Holistic Approaches to Wellbeing
  • The move from health and safety to wellbeing
  • Ensuring managers understand the benefits of wellbeing programmes
  • Practical tips to embed wellbeing into your organisation
  • Communication across the organisation

Banu Gajendran, Occupational Health & Safety Manager, Allianz

14:30 – 15:00 Enabling Employees to take Control of their Own Health
  • Giving employees the tools they need
  • Building engagement

Zoe Eccleston, Health and Wellness Manager, PepsiCo

15:00 – 15:10 Questions and Discussion with Speakers 15:00 – 15:10 Questions and Discussion with Speakers
15:10 – 15:30 Coffee and Networking
15:30 – 16:00 Developing the employee wellbeing agenda: Managing Presenteeism
  • Embedding Healthy Lifestyles
  • Occupational health interventions

Helen Wray, OH and Wellbeing Manager, Mars Chocolate

16:00 – 16:30 Examining the Gap between Capability and Expectations
  • Holding fair and transparent work capability assessments
  • Looking at the link between health and work
  • Helping people back into employment
  • Managing performance and capability issues

Sarah Churchman, Head of Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, PwC

16:30 – 16:40 Questions and Discussion with Speakers
16:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Conference

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Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work, Department of Work and Pensions

PROFESSOR DAME CAROL BLACK DBE, MD, FRCP, MACP, FMedSci, is the UK National Director for Health and Work, Chairman of the Nuffield Trust, Chairman of the Governance Board of the new Centre for Workforce Intelligence, President of the British Lung Foundation, and Pro-Chancellor of the University of Bristol. She is currently co-chairing an independent review of sickness absence on behalf of the government.

She is a past-President of the Royal College of Physicians, and has recently stepped down as Chairman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. The Centre she established at the Royal Free Hospital, London is internationally renowned in the field of connective tissue diseases. Since the early-1990s, she has worked at board level in a number of organisations, including the Royal Free Hospital Hampstead NHS Trust, the Health Foundation, the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, and the Imperial College Healthcare Charity, and recently chaired the U.K. Health Honours Committee.

She is a trustee of the National Portrait Gallery, a member of the Committee for the Queen’s Awards for Voluntary Service, and is on several national committees aiming to improve healthcare. She is a foreign affiliate of the U.S. Institute of Medicine and has been awarded many honorary degrees and fellowships.

Peter Kelly, Higher Occupational Health Psychologist, Health and Safety Executive

Peter Kelly works for the Health and Safety Executive in the Human Factors, Ergonomics, Psychology Team . He is employed as a Higher Occupational Health Psychologist.

Peter has been involved from the beginning in helping develop the scientific knowledge base for the management standards approach to tackling work related stress. He provides scientific support also in relation to neuropsychological impairment, mental health rehabilitation, health and wellbeing and Human factors issues for HSE.

Peter is also a member of Sainsbury Centre, the SHIFT Expert Review Panel on promotion of mental wellbeing and management of mental ill health in the workplace.

Richard Heron, VP Health, BP plc

As VP Health and Chief Medical Officer Richard is responsible for strategic development of the BP Group’s Health agenda including Employee Wellbeing, Occupational Health and Hygiene, Community and Public Health in the locations where BP operates.

Richard joined BP in May 2006 from AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals where he was Head of Global Safety, Health and Risk Management. He trained in internal medicine in UK and New Zealand before specializing in Occupational Medicine. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, UK Faculty of Occupational Medicine and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Richard also holds honorary appointments as Professor of International Business and Health at the Institute of Work, Health & Organisations, Nottingham University, and is an honorary teacher at the University of Manchester, UK.

Richard is married with three daughters. He and his family are keen runners and active members of Guildford and Godalming Athletics Club

Professor Tom Cox CBE, Professor of Organisational Psychology, University of Nottingham

Tom Cox holds the Chair of Organizational Psychology at the University of Nottingham where, in 1999, he set up the Institute of Work, Health & Organizations and remained its Director until 2010.

Professionally, he is a chartered psychologist and a full member of the Divisions of Occupational Psychology and of Health Psychology (British Psychological Society). He specialises in occupational health and in safety management. He was awarded a CBE in 2000 for his contribution to occupational health. In 2003, he was made an Honorary Fellow of both the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. In 2008, he was presented with an award for a Distinguished Contribution to Occupational Health Psychology jointly by the American Psychological Association, the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Society for Occupational Health Psychology.

He has recently served as a Non Executive Director on the Rail Safety & Standards Board and was Chair of its Advisory Committee. He was also a member of its Audit and its Remuneration Committees. Previously, he served as a Non Executive Director on its forerunner, Railway Safety, and acted as Chair of its Safety Advisory Board. He was also the Chair of the Board of Trustees of CIRAS a railway related charity. A long standing member of the Health & Safety Commissions’ Occupational Health Advisory Committee, he has also been sometime advisor on work stress, workplace violence, safety and health to both the European Commission (DG Employment & Social Affairs) and to the World Health Organization (Occupational Health). He has just completed a term as Occupational Health Adviser to the Roles & Responsibilities Committee of National Grid. Most recently, he has joined the Steering Committee of Mental Health Research UK, a national charity for the funding of research on mental health. Currently, he is advising Safe Work Australia on aspects of its new National Strategy for Health & Safety. He has had previous policy involvement with government bodies in Australia, Chile, Eire and the United States.

He is currently President of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology. He is also Chair of the Partnership & Accreditation Committee of the British Psychological Society. He established the journal Work & Stress in the early 1980s and has remained its Managing Editor since then. The journal is now ranked 5th in world in the applied psychology list.

His research spans some 40 years during which time he has been productively involved in psychological, social and organizational issues at the interface of applied psychology, work design and management and employee health and safety. His research has been generously funded over these years by a wide variety of national, European and international bodies and by both public and private sector organizations. He has published widely. Summaries of recent research contracts and publications are presented in his Europass resume. His current work is focusing on two areas: work and organizational hazards, risk management and employee health, including organizational and policy level interventions, and on disaster psychology and management in relation to working life. The latter includes both personal (cancers), man-made (rail crashes) and natural disasters (hurricanes and earthquakes).

Stephen Bevan, Managing Director, Work Foundation

Stephen is Managing Director of The Work Foundation. He is responsible for the delivery of applied and frontier research and strategic advice on the world of work designed to enhance the UK’s evidence-base and to inform the climate of policy debate in the UK’s Boardrooms and in Government. He joined The Work Foundation after a 19 year career at The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) where he was Associate Director.

For over 25 years Stephen has carried out research and consultancy work for the No. 10 Policy Unit, The Prime Minister’s Office for Public Services Reform, and most large Government Departments. He is currently an advisor to the Department of Health on workforce issues. Stephen has also worked for many ‘blue-chip’ employers (BP, Rolls Royce, Legal & General, BOC, BT, Sainsbury’s) and several research councils, charitable trusts and EU bodies.

His areas of specialism include labour market dynamics, health and well-being at work, employee engagement and retention and reward strategy. He is an academic reviewer for the Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology, The International Review of Selection and Assessment and The Lancet. Stephen has spoken at many national and international conferences and seminars, including keynote addresses at events in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Sweden, Denmark, France, Finland and Italy. Stephen was named in the HR Magazine ‘100 Most Influential List’ in both 2006 and 2007.

Andrew Kinder, Executive Committee Member, BACP Workplace

Andrew is a Chartered Counselling & Chartered Occupational Psychologist, is the Past Chair of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Workplace Division ( and was recently awarded with a Fellowship from BACP for his contribution to workplace counselling. He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, has a MSc in Occupational Psychology, holds three diplomas in counselling and one certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. He works as a counsellor, mediator and coach.

He has worked in the area of stress, trauma and employee assistance within organisations for over 14 years as a counsellor, mediator and coach. He has contributed to the various government consultations on stress (e.g. HSE) and was a member of the steering group which produced the Mind Out for mental health “line managers’ resource: A practical guide to managing and supporting mental health in the workplace”.

He has published widely and is particularly interested in the management of stress and trauma within an occupational health context. Andrew is currently responsible for a large employee assistance programme which delivers training, counselling and coaching products to increase the psychological health of individuals and organizations ( He has been instrumental in the introduction of early intervention programmes in a number of large organisations relating to employee engagement and employee wellbeing. He has been active as a researcher and collaborated with the Institute of Employment Studies, University of Sheffield and the British Occupational Health Research Foundation into the evidence for organisational interventions used following a work related trauma (this report is available from

His latest book is called ‘Employee Wellbeing Support; A workplace Resource’ which he has co-edited with Professor Cary Cooper and Rick Hughes and was published by John Wiley & Sons in March 2008. He has also co-written with Rick Hughes ‘Guidelines for counselling in the workplace’ which is published by BACP and available free via

Dr Davina Deniszczyc, Professional Head of Physicians, Nuffield Health

Dr Davina Deniszczyc completed her medical degree at The University of Manchester, graduating in 2003. Her fascination with science and interest in people made her step into GP training an easy one. In 2007, her dream was realised, as she gained membership to the Royal Colleague of General Practitioners.

Dr Davina completed part of her training in Western Australia, adding valuable medical experience and an awareness of cultural difference to her portfolio.

Despite being offered a partnership as soon as she qualified, Dr Davina decided to set up her own freelance business, based on the realisation that locum work achieved the patient variability she craved.

The bright lights of London called to her in 2009, and this is where she found Nuffield Health – finally, an employer who shared her passion for preventative medicine. She was seconded as London Clinical Lead within the year, and a swift promotion to the post of Professional Head of Physicians followed. Davina has established herself as clinical leader for Nuffield Health Wellbeing and devotes her time to developing evidenced based products and services with health promotion being the key underlying principle. She sits on the Nuffield Health Clinical Governance team and regular audits practices to make sure standards are CQC and GMC compliant. Davina is the clinical appraisal lead for Nuffield Health and has a strong interest in Doctor Training and Continuing Professional Development.

Nicky Richards, HR Manager, Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd

Nicky Richards is currently HR Consultant (Projects) at Legal & General Society and is responsible for the development and implementation of the current Wellbeing initiatives for the L&G Group.

She has previously been involved in a variety of HR projects at L&G including Organisational Development, major organisational restructures and business relocations.

She previously held a variety of Business Partner roles at L&G, most recently, the post of Head of HR, responsible for the Risk businesses across the L&G Group.

Adrian Chojnacki, Vice President Employee Health Management, GlaxoSmithKline

Adrian is a consultant occupational health physician and is Vice President of Health, Safety and Performance services at GlaxoSmithKline. He leads and manages health services supporting 40,000 employees across the UK and North America. He is part of GSK’s Global Environment Health and Safety Leadership Team for which he undertook a global strategic review in Q1 of 2011 making recommendations for the future direction of the function. In addition he is an accredited trainer of Energy and Engagement from the Human Performance Institute, Orlando, Florida. He actively works internally with senior leaders and managers as a business coach and a life coach. His mission is to unlock the potential of employees to allow them to be successful in all dimensions of their lives.

David Batman, Head of Employee Wellness, Nestle

Dr David Batman qualified in medicine 1973 and worked initially for 11 years as a General Practitioner. Following further higher specialist training in Occupational Medicine he has been working for the last 23 years with Nestle Uk and Ireland as Chief Medical Officer and Head of Safety and Employee Wellness.

During his time with Nestlé UK he introduced a range of health, safety and wellness programs at all levels of the business and has a particular interests in employee wellness, mental health at work and addressing performance issues in an ageing workforce.

He retired from full time work with Nestlé in 2008 and continues his role with Nestlé UK and Ireland on a part time basis as Head of Employee Wellness. He is also working as Director of Research for the Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention in the workplace based in Melbourne, Australian and Medical Adviser to the Global Corporate Challenge.

He is currently a member of Dame Carol Black’s working groups at the Department of Work and Pensions Occupational Health Sounding Board and Department of Health developing the Public Health Responsibility Deal which focus on the issues of food, alcohol, physical activity, health in the workplace and the role of behaviour change.

Catherine Kilfedder, Group Health Adviser, BT

Catherine Kilfedder, a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist, joined BT’s health, safety and wellbeing team as group health adviser in December 2006. Her remit is to drive the company’s health and well-being agenda, with a particular focus on mental health and well-being. Her appointment to BT came after five years with a multidisciplinary occupational health and safety service in the NHS in Scotland where Catherine was a member of the management team as well as head of the counselling and psychology service.

In her role, Catherine is responsible for the operational oversight of BT’s Occupational Health Service and Employee Assistance Programme. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing a programme of Mental Health training for BT’s people managers as well as an innovative approach to the delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for BT people. Catherine is involved in a number of areas of research with academic partners and jointly managed an EU funded project investigating aspects of work that promote good mental health in the telecommunications sector.

Catherine has previously worked as a psychologist in a variety of private and public sector settings including inpatient and outpatient neuro-rehabilitation and medico-legal practice. She completed her PhD in work-related stress in 2003. Catherine is home-based in Northern Ireland.

Fiona King, Occupational Health Business Partner, E.ON

Fiona King is currently an Occupational Health Business Partner for E.ON with key health responsibilities for a number of the business units.

Fiona has worked with E.ON for 6 years and during that time has been part of the wining team for RoSPA Astor Trophy for best Corporate Occupational Health Management and the Occupational Health award for stress management 2010.

Previous roles have included working at Land Rover & Leo Pharma, Ireland.

Banu Gajendran, Occupational Health & Safety Manager, Allianz

Banu Gajendran has been the Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager at Allianz Insurance plc since 2008. Having obtained a degree in Health, Safety and Environment Management; and a post graduate diploma in Risk Crisis & Disaster Management, Banu began her career with PowerGen Plc.

She has worked in the field of Occupational Health and Safety since1998 and has a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors. She has worked for Kingston Hospital NHS Trust and Richmond & Twickenham PCT where she held a number of senior risk positions with responsibilities in Occupational Health, Clinical Risk, Infection Control and Health and Safety.

Lorraine Bailey, Group Occupational Health Manager UK, United Biscuits

Lorraine has worked with United Biscuits for the past 10 years, and as Head of the OH function for the past three years. Greatest achievements in her role so far are the restructure of the function into a regionally organised team and the launch and implementation of the wellbeing strategy.

Lorraine has 20 years experience in Occupational Health, working in a variety of settings such as manufacturing, engineering, research facilities and the Civil Service, covering full Occupational Health remit.

Zoe Eccleston, Health and Wellness Manager, PepsiCo

Zoe has twenty years experience as a physiotherapist working in pain management, physical rehabilitation and employee wellness. She has worked in both the NHS and private sector. She is well known both nationally and internationally for work in promoting self management of complex illness and disability, most notably for her part in the establishment of a unique adolescent pain management programme in Bath. In 2008 she moved full time into an industry role as Wellbeing manager for RWEnpower, before joining PepsiCo in February 2011. Zoe was one of the first members of The Business in the Community Workwell group.

She is interested in employee health and activity promotion. Her main interests are in workplace behavioural change, staff engagement and leadership styles.

Louise Fernandes-Owen,Senior Associate, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

Louise Fernandes-Owen is the Senior Associate (PSL) in the Employment and Pensions Group at Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP.

Louise has specialised in employment law since qualification in 2001. Louise trained and worked as an employment solicitor in the City, and has broad experience of both contentious and non-contentious employment law issues. She has advised on a wide variety of matters, ranging from complex discrimination issues, managing sickness absence and disciplinary and grievance matters to unfair dismissal, redundancies, TUPE transfers and whistleblowing.

Louise produces a wide variety of client publications on employment law issues, including briefing notes, newsletters and fortnightly email alerters on recent developments. She organises internal and external training, co-ordinates the Group’s annual seminar and workshop programme and tailors training on the full spectrum of employment law issues for a wide range of clients. Her role also entails producing guidance and precedent documentation.

Louise was involved in the Employment and Pension Group’s work with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to produce the Statutory Employment Code of Practice which now accompanies the Equality Act 2010. She undertook a project management role for this significant, and complex, exercise. This Code of Practice links the new legislation and advisers, employers, employees and Employment Tribunals.

Louise has spoken at external conferences on a range of employment law issues, most recently on the Equality Act 2010 and disability discrimination, and has also written widely for HR, legal and national publications, including Personnel Today, People Management, Employment Law Journal, Solicitors Journal, Legal Week and The Financial Times. She has also written a practice note for PLC, a legal information provider, and has co-written and edited a specialist employment law text for the HR and legal market.

Olivia Baxendale, Solicitor, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

Olivia Baxendale has experience of contentious and non-contentious employment work for both private and public sector employers. She has a varied caseload which includes defending claims of unfair dismissal, breach of contract, race, age and sex discrimination. Olivia deals with a large number of claims of disability discrimination and, in particular, defending claims brought by former employees for a failure to make reasonable adjustments to support them and their attendance at work.

Olivia has experience in providing advice to clients on a range of non-contentious issues including restrictive covenants, the national minimum wage, handbooks, policies and procedures and redundancy issues. Olivia has also advised on disability issues and reasonable adjustments, including whether the payment of taxi fares constituted a reasonable adjustment under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. She also has experience in drafting an equality impact assessment toolkit and assisting with preparations for an equality impact assessment.

Olivia recently presented a workshop on disciplinary and grievance issues as part of the Employment and Pensions annual training programme and wrote an article on the right to legal representation at a disciplinary hearing for the Employment and Pensions newsletter.

Andy Buxton, Health & Wellbeing Manager, National Grid

Andy has worked within the energy sector for 25 years and for the last 15 within the SHES Directorate of National Grid and its legacy companies. With a degree in Chemistry as the basis of his technical support for the industry Andy has operated as an analytical chemist, an industrial hygienist, and a Health and Safety Practitioner. He is a Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and was an active member of the Institute of Gas Engineer’s Safety and Environment Committee for five years around the turn of the millennia.

Andy has extensive experience of the ISO 14001 Environment Management Standard, successfully implementing the system throughout Transco, the UK’s Gas Transmission and Distribution system, in 2000.

For the last eight years Andy has been actively managing the Occupational Health, Health and Wellbeing process in National Grid as their Health and Wellbeing Manager. He is a committed member of the Energy Networks Association’s Occupational Health Committee and the Business In The Community’s Practitioners forum on Working Well.

He has recently been involved in one of the working groups set up by Dame Carol Black under the Responsibility Deal to look at the proactive role of OH in delivering workplace wellbeing.

Dr Richard Preece, Fellow, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Richard is a consultant in occupational medicine in Cheshire. He leads a service supporting private and public sector organisations recognised as a model for future health at work services. Richard has been involved in developing NICE’s guidance for all employers and recently led the first ever national audit of implementation.

Richard is seconded part-time as Director of Organisational Development for NHS Occupational Health to guide the reconfiguration of NHS health at work services. His experience in occupational health ranges from the Armed Forces, to pharmaceutical research, to commercial health provision, and the NHS. He has published almost 100 articles on health at work and has a particular interest in the effective and cost-effective health interventions employers can make to improve performance and productivity.

Helen Wray, OH and Wellbeing Manager, Mars Chocolate

Helen Wray is the OH and Wellbeing Manager for Mars Chocolate responsible for leadership to the business in actively support our associates in leading healthier lives and is currently developing and leading a 3 year holistic wellbeing strategy. The role is key in our business aim of providing a sustainable, productive, winning environment where highly engaged associates are able to thrive

John Marsden, Chief Medical Officer, Boots

John qualified in Medicine from Kings College Hospital, London in 1981. He then undertook training in General Practice, which he completed in 1986. He decided he wanted a role where he could continue to use his clinical skills but also influence improvements in health in a more proactive way, so embarked upon a career in Occupational Health by joining Boots as a trainee, gaining specialist consultant accreditation in 1993 and became Chief Medical Officer in 2000. His particular interests are: mental health issues, customer service in Occupational Health, occupational health services meeting business demand, balancing the inherent tension of what is possible against what is practical.

He is a member of the East Midlands Deanery Specialist Education Committee in Occupational Health and a board member of the Nottinghamshire City and County Employment and Skills Board.

Sarah Churchman, Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing, PwC

Sarah is a senior Human Resources professional with c25 years’ experience. She is currently a Director at PwC leading on Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing.

Until recently, she was also responsible for the firm’s award winning Student Recruitment Programme which was voted Number One for eight consecutive years in the The Times Top 100 Graduate Employer Survey. She is currently a member of the CBI’s Equality & Diversity Forum.

In 2006 Personnel Today ranked Sarah 28th in the magazine’s list of the most important people in Human Resources. In 2007 and 2010 she acted as a judge in the Asian Women of Achievement Awards and the First Women Awards. She is frequently quoted in the press and has appeared on BBC 1 television, Radio 4 and Radio 5 on several occasions to discuss diversity and employee engagement issues.



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Nuffield Health helps employees get healthy and stay healthy. We believe that the real health of a company should be judged, not just on its revenue, but also on the health and wellbeing of its employees.
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Jobs in Mind
Our Work Solutions social enterprise at Jobs in Mind aims to support organisations and business across the UK. We work to promote healthier work environments and through our services help to enhance your place of work.

Our training isn’t just training; it’s a commitment to your success and the wellbeing of your employees. Our unique approach has been tested and proven to work effectively. This has been the result of our previous interactions with a wide range of organisations and 25 years experience of working in mental health.

Through developing key skills in your HR department and amongst your line managers; we are able to help you proactively tackle issues linked to ‘presenteeism’ and ‘absenteeism’ which is estimated to cost the UK economy around £25 billion per year.

With our support, you will be able to measure and record the actual financial and social benefits of your investment in improving the mental health environment of your organization. The success of working in partnership will be reflected in an increase of productivity, decreased sickness absence, reduced recruitment costs and retention of both staff and talent.

Our approach to training offers innovation through simplicity, practicality and expertise. We offer a holistic approach to dealing with ill mental health at work by merging our consultancy experience with our bespoke training packages.

Legal & General
Legal & General is a leading provider of risk, savings and investment management products with more than seven million customers and over 8,000 employees worldwide. Every day we work to help make financial security easier to achieve for our customers and we design our product range to reflect their risk, savings and investment needs at various key stages of their lives.

We believe that the insurance industry has an important role to play in protecting individuals and businesses against the financial consequences of a wide range of risks. We provide financial as well as practical support for the important events in peoples’ lives, whether it’s preparing for retirement, coping with flood disasters or not being able to work due to sickness. By reducing the financial impact of these events, the insurance industry allows people to bear risks with greater peace of mind and reduces potential reliance on the state.

Information for potential sponsors

If your organisation would be interested in promoting itself through the wide variety of exhibitions, sponsorship and marketing opportunities available at this event, please visit our sponsorship mini-site here or email or call Sales at or 020 7231 5100.



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