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I’m delighted to be speaking at the Health@Work Summit.  We all know leaders have a responsibility to promote a working environment that eliminates preventable illnesses.  Although my talk will centre on how great leaders don’t just stop there, they seek to positively improve the well-being of all they oversee.  I’ll be discussing how at Thames Water we are continually challenging ourselves to go beyond normal company practice.  Showing how we have invested in our people, through introducing waves of initiatives that support improvement in their personal health and wellbeing whilst in employment, maximizing their opportunity to have a long and healthy retirement. This sustained drive has led to the business halving the number of Illness and injury cases in the past three years.

To make strides forward leaders have to promote and escalate the visibility and profile of Health and Wellbeing.  They must shape the way people look after each other removing many of the taboos around illness prevention tackling some of the higher common business illness causation areas such as Musculoskeletal disorders and stress, anxiety and depression.  During the talk, I will share the initiatives implemented that have supported our workforce to engage directly where their peers or subordinates require support.

Leaders must inspire belief and passion so the followers have confidence in the path they choose to take.  Any organisation must establish a very clear set of Health Performance Indicators (HPIs) so all know what’s important to the company.  I will provide an overview of how we have embedded our HPIs into a maturity model that sets our clear steps to be taken to move an organisations Health and wellbeing forward and how this is shared with all our supply chain and the impact gained.


Join us at our Health@Work Summit 2016 to hear more from Karl in his presentation leaders and their role in tackling health issues. 





Karl is Head of Safety, Health and Wellbeing at Thames Water and is responsible for influencing the strategic direction of health and safety within the organisation, working directly for the CEO. He has 25 years of experience in industry, having worked across all continents in numerous safety critical industries. He holds a Masters degree in Health, Safety and the Environment, is a Chartered Occupational Safety & Health Practitioner and is a keen student of behavioural psychology.

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