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Symposium’s HR shop has got a new and exciting product available to purchase. It’s brought to you by the Russell HR Consulting, and will provide you with a clear path to manage the people in your business.

The practical HR pack will help you get the basic HR steps right. It contains an employment framework, templates, checklists, letters, forms and a range of reference material. The HR Sat Nav+ is perfect for business owners and busy managers.

“This book is an important necessity for any business owner – I would whole heartedly recommend it. We’ve been in partnership with the Russell HR Consulting for some time now and their products are always full of useful guidance and great expertise,” said James Marsh, HR manager at Symposium.

The pack contains a hard copy of guidance and templates as well as digital copies of templates to help employers save time. The templates include:

  • application form
  • terms and conditions of employment
  • attendance record
  • discipline and grievance letters
  • flexible working letters
  • plus many more.

As well as these templates the HR Sat Nav+ also comes with an extra amount of bonus material; such as reference material to give employers a greater understanding of key aspects of employment law that could affect the business. This includes recruitment, workplace investigations and managing attendance e-books by the HR Headmistress.

Click here now to ensure that your HR is moving in the right direction!