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The Graduate Recruitment Summit 2015 held 26 February was a great success. We had speakers from Google, Barclays, Boots and more giving great innovative ideas to help recruit the best graduates.

It also gave everyone a chance to uncover both the strategic and practical elements of implementing a successful and innovative graduate program. It was an excellent update for managers, HR professionals of various levels and those in need of recruiting graduates.

As with every conference that we organise, we put together a document containing all the relevant information that happened at the event. So if you missed out you can gain the useful insight of industry leaders in HR and learn the latest best practices in finding and hiring the right graduates. Also the presentation is an excellent way to capture the abundance of knowledge offered on the day so you can keep a handy document of the key points made.

The documents contains the expert advice from leading professionals and will feature best practice case studies addressing how to implement cost effective and sustainable engagement initiatives to ensure that your employees not only stay with your organisation but deliver maximum results.