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In the deepest, darkest Boardroom meeting on employee engagement corners of HR, something is stirring.

In boardrooms and inboxes around the world there is a new strain of thought: a gradual turning away from the techniques of the old guard, a step away from the constraints of the annual survey and “fruit bowl” logic of before, a splash into unknown territory where talented individuals show their pride for their organisation in every single movement.

It’s how they stroll into the office each morning, how they make their coffee, how they address their fellow colleagues and how they talk about their employer. This is employee engagement in real time. Progressive. Quantifiable. Holistic.

Some of the movement’s key figures will gather at the Symposium Employee Engagement Summit on 14 May, where they will champion their discoveries, success stories and strategies, all in front of a throng of passionate delegates keen to change the way their organisations engage their employees.

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