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The Business and HR Process Design training will help you to understand how effective processes can be created allows HR to facilitate the development of better processes with their business teams, and also enables HR to improve its own processes.

This seminar provides methodology for business process design and gives participants experience in applying the methodology to one or more of their organisations.

The course is perfect for directors or managers of HR, learning and organisation development, HR professionals needing to improve efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes and business leaders with responsibility for effectiveness of their own organisations.

On this course you can expect to learn three key things:

  1. Understand how process design involves a lot more than just process mapping
  2. Understand the difference in process design, improvement and re-engineering
  3. Have gained experience in the difference stages of process designing e.g. setting objectives, to be/ from analysis, process mapping, RACI, competency requirements, measures and targets, links to organisation design

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