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A move towards a model of shared parenting is vital if we are serious about unleashing the economic potential of women. If we want to enable men to be more involved in raising their own children, the stigma of ‘men as carers’ in society or in the workplace needs to end.

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For both of these aims, take of Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is a key indicator. Enlightened employers have already understood that this is vital to their gender diversity aims.

My Family Care is working to gather more data and knowledge on how SPL is currently being used by parents and promoted by employers, and from that to spread best practice advice on the basket of options and enablers open to employers seeking to improve gender diversity and engagement in their workforces.

By working together with the Women’s Business Council, they have gathered more qualitative data and knowledge on how Shared Parental Leave is currently being used by parents and how it is being promoted by employers as an engagement and retention tool. In this free live webinar, they will be sharing their findings and will invite leading employer panelists to comment on their experiences within their own organisations.

In this InisideHR webinar, Jennifer Liston-Smith, Director and Head of Coaching and Consultancy at My Family Care leads a discussion and first look at the research, and the implications facing employers and employees, where she is joined by:

  • Tony Horan, Head of Human Capital & Diversity at Accenture UK, discussing their success and recent celebration of their 150th father taking up SPL.
  • Xanic Jones, EMEA Senior Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Citi, talking about Citi’s experiences and why they believe it’s had a positive impact on talent and attraction.
  • Stefan Martin, Partner at Hogan Lovells, providing a legal perspective and exploring employers’ legal concerns going forward.

This webinar was broadcast live on 6th April 2017 – click here to listen to the recording for free!