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Following the announcement of the programme for the 13th annual Employee Engagement and Reward Summit, we are delighted to announce the first speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on the day.


Employee Engagement and Reward 2018 will provide an understanding of the latest researchdata and thought leadership on successfully engaging employees in the workplace. We will hear from a range of organisations and professionals who will share key insights into how they are leading the way through engaging their employees, effective reward strategies and best practice for 2018.

Our first collection of speakers for this event, and their talks are:


Dawn Sowerby, Director of Transformation at Aster Group UK:Seeing the Bigger Picture: who delivers a successful engagement strategy?

Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd: “Engagement Platforms: from the right objectives to the best results

Karen Notaro, Head of Engagement Champions Network at Ministry of Justice:Turning a workplace around on effective low-budget strategies to achieve ROI engagement

More topics for talks include:



  • Why and how to involve all employees in creating the best workplace environment possible
  • How to measure outcomes in environments of joint ownership of responsibility and goals
  • How to boost company culture to become a destination workplace
  • Does modern workplace design help or hinder engagement and satisfaction?
  • Linking engagement to productivity
  • Effective reward culture and how to build outstanding strategies on a budget
  • The role of managers in creating and driving engagement
  • The future of engagement and rewards
  • and more!

We will be announcing more speakers soon – and tickets for the event are expected to sell out quickly. Use code REWARDS2018 when booking for buy one get one free tickets – for a limited time only!