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The workplace is changing fast and new radical developments are just around the corner, This new conference will explore the future of the workforce and how HR professionals can prepare their organisations for this brave new world.

Leading speakers from organisations including Expedia Group, eBay, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Leonardo MW and more will be exploring a range of topics around how the workplace will be changing in coming years including:

  • Disruptive technologies: how AI, automation and digital technologies will transform the nature of work and what HR professionals need to do now to prepare.
  • Rethinking job roles: is the traditional 9-5 a thing of the past? What can we learn from the gig economy? How can alternative arrangements be utilised to increase staff satisfaction?
  • Engaging the workforce of the future: how can companies keep up with changing trends in flexibility and more – and avoid losing talent?
  • Skills for the future: what skills does the employee of the future need? How should companies adapt their recruitment and training to future-proof their talent pools?
  • and more!

The Future of Work Summit 2018 is the must attend conference for forward thinking HR professionals who are ready to start ensuring the future success of their organisations in an ever-changing world.

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