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The following details are for the 2013 event which took place on the 9th July. The speaker panel and agenda for the 2014 conference will be published in April 2014, please keep checking the website for updates.



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Unravel some of the most demanding challenges you face when managing a global workforce. At this conference you will hear a wealth of best practice case studies on international assignment management from a range of multinational organisations. This event has been specially designed to assist in-house HR professionals responsible for the management and administration of expatriate’s and international employees.

This conference will provide you with the necessary tools to refine your mobility process to match changing business needs and objectives. It will give you the tools to ensure the success of every assignment through compliance, managing costs and developing flexible, competitive policies.The event also features Symposium events Knowledge Networking Wine and Workshop giving you the opportunity to network with peers in a structured environment.

Some of the conference sponsors have also kindly donated some fantastic prizes for a prize draw during the event, so make sure you bring plenty of business cards with you to enter the draws! You could win:

  • an iPod touch – donated by AIRINC;
  • a Fortnum & Mason hamper – donated by BTR International;
  • a bottle of champagne – donated by Zurich International Life;
  • a champagne and chocolate hamper from Fortnum & Mason – donated by ACS International Schools.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • GE Healthcare – Anne-Marie Bailey, Global Mobility Specialist, EMEA
  • Deloitte – Margaret Burton, Director
  • Brookfield Global Relocation Services Limited – Gill Aldred, Sr. Director, Consulting Services
  • Mars – Linda Lange, Global Mobility Manager, EMEA
  • Cranfield University School of Management – Dr. Noeleen Doherty, Principal Research Fellow
  • Ernst & Young LLP – Peter Ferrigno, Partner, Human Capital
  • British American Tobacco – Catherine Birchall, Global Mobility and Reward
  • Reckitt Benckiser Group plc – Bola Ogun, Compensation & Benefits Director
  • Fujitsu – Adrian Hart, Vice President HR Global Business Group – Global Functions & Global expatriate management
  • Stonewall – Simon Feeke, Head of Workplace
  • Diageo – David Wells, Director of Global Mobility
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland plc – Karen FitzGerald, Head of International Assignments, Group Reward
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland plc – Claire Egan, Group Human Resources, Continuous Improvement Consultant
  • Tesco – Peter Sewell, Former Director of Global Mobility
  • Mercer, Ellyn Karetnick, Principal, UK Head of International Mobility

Benefits of Attending

  • Develop flexible, competitive policies
  • Manage the challenges of setting up in emerging markets
  • Efficiently manage short term assignments
  • Comply with tax and immigration regulations
  • Manage the variations and fluctuations in cost of living, tax and interest rates
  • Minimise costs and ensue all assignments are successful
  • Prepare for future talent challenges
  • Network and debate best practice

What did previous delegates say about this event?

  • “Excellent Speakers. Really well balanced range of speakers & content” – HR Manager – International, Herbert Smith LLP
  • “Good balance of topics + content. Clear, concise + very useful – enjoyed the day” – Service Delivery Manger, Sterling
  • “Presented very well. Very happy with outcome. Symposium – Very impressive. Happy to attend more conferences organised by your company” – HR Manager, Commonwealth Secretariat
  • “Overall a well organised, useful conference” – Recruitment Manager International Operations
  • “Very interesting and informative – was pleased to attend” – Tax Analyst, ING Bank

Who should attend?

Directors, Heads and Managers of:

  • International HR Practitioners
  • Group Heads of HR
  • Global/ International Mobility Directors and Managers
  • Compensation and Benefits Directors
  • International Reward Directors
  • Expatriate Managers
  • Tax Experts
  • Global Pensions Directors
  • Heads and Directors of Colleague Relations / Employee Relations
  • Heads and Directors of International Assignments
  • Heads and Directors of Relocations

The following details are for the 2013 event which took place on the 9th July. The speaker panel and agenda for the 2014 conference will be published in April 2014, please keep checking the website for updates.


09:00 – 09:30 Coffee and registration
09:30 – 09:45 Introduction and opening address by conference chair

Dr. Noeleen Doherty, Principal Research Fellow, Cranfield University School of Management

09:45– 10:15 Aligning global mobility systems and policies with business outcomes
  • Implementing an end-to-end review and transitioning to a new state of global mobility
  • Ensuring buy-in and stakeholder engagement throughout transition
  • Achieving high level cost savings
  • Tracking and ensuring compliance

Karen FitzGerald, Head of International Assignments, Group Reward, and Claire Egan, Continuous Improvement Consultant, The Royal Bank of Scotland plc

10:15 – 10:45 Aligning expatriate management with the business and becoming more strategic
  • Moving away from a transactional model
  • Centralising processes and procedures
  • Reducing costs associated with expatriate assignments
  • Ensuring assignments are aligned with business benefits

Adrian Hart, Vice President HR Global Business Group – Global Functions & Global expatriate management, Fujitsu

10:45 – 10:55 Questions and discussion with speakers
10:55 – 11:20 Refreshments and networking
11:20 – 12:00 Supplier management; getting the best value from your suppliers

David Wells, Director of Global Mobility, Diageo

11:20 – 12:00 Immigration update
  • Immigration in Context: Politics and Policies
  • Update on the UK ‘s Points Based System
  • UKBA audits and sponsor licence protection
  • European and global immigration developments

Margaret Burton, Director, Deloitte

12:00 – 12:40 Managing short term & commuter assignments and business travellers
  • Getting the policies right
  • Addressing specific business needs
  • Managing costs and tracking assignees
  • Lengths and patterns of mobility

Catherine Birchall, Global Mobility and Reward, British American Tobacco

12:00 – 12:40 Expatriate tax unravelled
  • Home and host country tax and social security requirements
  • Managing the tax withholding and administration process
  • When and how to tax equalise or tax protect
  • Keeping up to date with tax law changes

Peter Ferrigno, Partner, Human Capital, Ernst & Young LLP

12:40 – 13:40 Lunch and networking

Panel Discussion

13:40 – 14:20 The impact of millennials on global mobility policies

Millennials, or Generation Y, is the generation born between approximately 1980 and 2000, further defined as entering the workplace beginning with the year 2000. A larger group than the immediately preceding Generation X, they are a seen as a diverse, technologically-savvy, connected and open-minded group who are reported to place great emphasis on personal development and work/life balance.

The ability of companies to understand what motivates and drives this group will be important if they are to attract and retain Millennial talent as it is estimated by some that by 2020 Millennials will form 50% of the global workforce.

The question then is: how do the experiences and perspectives of this demographic group impact their attitudes and expectations for an international component to their careers and in turn how does that impact their companies’ approach to international employee mobility?

Discussion facilitated by:
Gill Aldred, Sr. Director, Consulting Services, Brookfield Global Relocation Services Limited
Catherine Birchall, Global Mobility and Reward, British American Tobacco
Peter Sewell, Former Director of Global Mobility, Tesco

14:20 – 15:00 Benchmarking salaries and managing expatriate benefits
  • Examining trends, benefits vs cash
  • International pension schemes
  • Should you move towards a local plus policy?
  • Ensuring flexibility in the balance-sheet approach

Bola Ogun, Compensation & Benefits Director, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc

14:20 – 15:00 Ensuring the success of assignments
  • Structuring the assignment and applying consistency to the processes
  • Ensuring cost efficiency
  • Managing relocation and settling in processes
  • Developing cultural understanding, integration and localisation processes
  • Communication with assignees

Anne-Marie Bailey, Global Mobility Specialist, EMEA, GE Healthcare

15:00 – 15:40 Supporting gay staff on international assignments
  • Gay-friendly policies and practises
  • Supporting gay staff about relocation
  • Supporting staff in country

Simon Feeke, Head of Workplace, Stonewall

15:00 – 15:40 Talent Management and Global Mobility – A new collaboration at Mars
  • Move of Global Mobility into Talent
  • Alignment between Talent and Mobility Strategy
  • Gap between business needs and available Talent
  • Repatriation Planning and Post-Assignment Retention

Linda Lange, Global Mobility Manager, EMEA, Mars

15:40 – 16:00 Refreshments and networking
16:00 – 17:30 Knowledge share networking wine and workshop – Sponsored by AIRINC

In round tables discuss your key global mobility challenge, half way through the session you will change tables so you can discuss experiences with a wider group of people.

Discussion facilitators:
Michael Joyce, Senior Manager, Client Solutions, AIRINC
Ellyn Karetnick, Principal, UK Head of International Mobility, Mercer

17:30 Chairman’s closing remarks and close of conference





The following details are for the 2013 event which took place on the 9th July. The speaker panel and agenda for the 2014 conference will be published in April 2014, please keep checking the website for updates.

Anne-Marie Bailey, Global Mobility Specialist, EMEA, GE Healthcare

 Anne-Marie Bailey
Anne-Marie currently holds the position of Regional Mobility Specialist for GE Healthcare, EMEA. She joined GE Healthcare’s in-house team in 2007. Prior to this role, Anne-Marie had spent the years between 2004 and 2006 with Cartus Relocation. Between 2002 and 2004 she was an Account Service Manager at Genesys conferencing. Anne-Marie specializes in assignment management, with an emphasis on the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Margaret Burton, Director, Deloitte

 Margaret Burton
Head of Deloitte’s UK immigration services group, Margaret has over 20 years experience managing global immigration client accounts and devising global migration strategy for multinational companies.

Her team in the UK specialises in corporate immigration policy reviews, providing immigration “health checks” focusing on immigration compliance and advice relating to all categories of UK visa application, including those for high net worth investors and entrepreneurs.

Margaret is a frequent guest speaker at immigration events in the UK and overseas.

Gill Aldred, Sr. Director, Consulting Services, Brookfield Global Relocation Services Limited

 Gill Aldred
Gill Aldred has more than 23 years experience in International Human Resources management in both corporate and consulting environments.

Over a period of 10 years, she held a variety of corporate HR and Mobility positions in the oil industry in Houston, Texas.

Gill joined Brookfield GRS in London in 1998, where she was involved in the management of compensation and assignment management projects for a major blue chip client. In 1999 she joined the Brookfield GRS Consulting Services group in the United States where her corporate experience and subject matter expertise brought a high standard of business-directed skill to many projects in Europe; North and South America; South East Asia; Africa; Australia and the Middle East. She remains in the Consulting Services group and is now based in the Brookfield GRS London office.

She has lived and worked in the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates and spent more than four years living in Nigeria. She currently lives near Cambridge in England.

Linda Lange, Global Mobility Manager, EMEA, Mars

 Linda Lange
Linda is a German national living since 6 years in the UK. She has obtained her Msc HRM from Surrey University in 2011. Linda has 4 years of experience in Global Mobility in which she worked with BNP Paribas, BDO and now Mars. She is primarily the Business Partner to the Petcare Segment of Mars in EMEA and currently working on a major project in the META region to create and implement a new Talent and Global Mobility strategy.

Dr. Noeleen Doherty, Principal Research Fellow, Cranfield University School of Management

 Dr. Noeleen Doherty
Combining both practitioner roles in previous employment as an Occupational Psychologist and academic experience Noeleen’s primary area of interest is in the dynamics of career management and development. She has studied high potential careers, the career transitions of managerial populations, talent management and the career implications of international working for both individuals and organizations. Her current research interests include the self-initiated expatriate experience, careers in the Third Sector and the field of work and well-being. She is editorial board member for Career Development International journal and has published widely in both practitioner and academic media, recently featuring in International Journal of Human Resource Management, British Journal of Management, Journal of Vocational Behavor and Career Development International.

Peter Ferrigno, Partner, Human Capital, Ernst & Young LLP

 Peter Ferrigno
Peter Ferrigno is currently Area Leader for Ernst & Young’s Human Capital practice in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. Peter has been working in tax for more than 23 years, and has spent 18 of those as an international assignee of one kind or another. He specialises in Expatriate Tax and Social Security, and how they interact around the world, plus has extensive experience in how to manage mobility programmes.

Catherine Birchall, Global Mobility and Reward, British American Tobacco

 Peter Ferrigno
Catherine’s career has ranged from HR Shared Services, HR Business Partner, Talent and now Global Mobility. Global Mobility within British American Tobacco is an exciting spectrum to work within, operating within 180 countries, over 80 of which are in the EEMEA Region, with around 960 global assignees. Global Mobility is an ever evolving space with new markets for the tobacco industry,
creating constantly challenging Centre of Excellence to work within.

Global Mobility is entering a new generation of assignees driving the discussion for a diverse and flexible platform, along with a cost efficient approach, in supporting the business mobilising

Adrian Hart, Vice President HR Global Business Group – Global Functions & Global expatriate management, Fujitsu

Adrian joined the organisation after working for Companies like The Willis Group, Unilever, one of the predecessor companies to Towers Watson and has extensive experience in Mainland European HR matters, including 3 years working in France then Germany on Assignment.

His role at the moment is as a Vice President for Human Resources within the International Business Functions within Fujitsu supporting all the International Functions with HR leadership and leading the Global Mobility function.

Adrian lives in Surrey and as well as being a keen skier in the Winter, admits to being a bit of a golf addict as well as swimming 3 times a week for fitness.

Simon Feeke, Head of Workplace. , Stonewall

 Simon Feeke
Simon Feeke is Client Group Manager at Stonewall the leading equality charity for lesbian, gay and bisexual people. He leads the Diversity Champions programme, the employers forum for sexual orientation equality – which has over 600 major employer members, 116 with a global remit. With a personal portfolio of Banking and Financial Services clients Simon supports the diversity programmes of over 40 global firms including Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Mastercard. Part of his role is to help them navigate the barriers of sending gay staff on overseas assignments to some of the world’s most anti-gay regions. Before joining Stonewall, Simon worked for six years at WPP firm Kantar Media in Client Management.

David Wells, Director of Global Mobility, Diageo

David Wells is Director of Global Mobility for Diageo Plc, based in London. David has overall responsibility for the strategic and operational success of global mobility within Diageo. He has 20 years of global mobility experience. Prior to joining Diageo in December 2012, David was himself an expat based in Singapore as General Manager International Human Resources for International SOS.

David has also been a Director in the Ernst & Young Human Capital practice and spent 8 years at Rio Tinto Plc, where he built the global mobility function.

Peter Sewell, Former Global Mobility Director, Tesco

 Simon Feeke
Peter Sewell has worked in the InMobility arena for over 14 years. His first appointment as International HR Manager was at Marks and Spencer and from there he moved to be a Senior Manager at Andersen/Deloitte, advising various companies on their approach to mobility and outsourcing the management of their expatriates. Peter joined Tesco in 2006 where was the Head of Global Mobility and was appointed as Head of Group Talent in 2012.

Michael Joyce, Senior Manager, Client Solutions, AIRINC

 Michael Joyce

Michael joined AIRINC in 2012, following over five years as a senior consultant at Mercer/ORC Worldwide. While at Mercer/ORC Worldwide, Michael was engaged in business development, led global mobility and compensation consulting projects and provided data solutions to clients. He led many high profile transformation projects, managed a number of forum groups and was a key speaker at seminars, events and trainings. Michael also spent nine years at Kraft Foods, performing senior roles in pension plan administration, international assignments and compensation and benefits. He has travelled extensively and has been actively involved in projects and events across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the USA. Michael has a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Administration from Sunderland University and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) in the UK, through a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management at Thames Valley University.

Ellyn Karetnick, UK Head of International Mobility, Mercer

 Peter Ferrigno
Ellyn Karetnick is UK Head of the International Mobility practice in Mercer’s Talent business. With over 20 years of experience in the human resources and global mobility fields, both in corporate and consulting roles, Ellyn has designed and implemented effective international and domestic human resources strategies and programmes, and successfully managed global mobility programmes for many organisations.
Prior to joining Mercer, Ellyn was Director of Global Consultancy Services for Cartus and responsible for the EMEA region practice, with global expertise spanning across Asia and the Americas regions. She has also held leadership positions with various multinational corporations, both in Europe and the US, including Volvo and KPMG. Ellyn holds a Masters degree in HR Management and a Bachelors degree in French and International Relations. She has lived and worked in many countries, including France, the Netherlands, Ireland, the US and UK. Ellyn is proficient in French and has a working knowledge of Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

Bola Ogun, Compensation & Benefits Director, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc

Bola is the strategic management lead for a very large and diverse global mobility programme. His role also encompasses executive hires, int’l benefits, and Long term and short-term incentive plans.

He is a senior global reward practitioner with a track record of success (over 16 years) in tough ‘in house’ Reward and iHR roles, across the Energy, IT and FMCG sectors.
He has a broad range of both strategic and tactical operational experience in the areas of talent mobility, reward (compensation, benefits and equity based remuneration), and organisation effectiveness & governance.

Before joining Reckitt Benckiser (FTSE30) in 2012, Bola was Int’l Reward & Mobility Manager, Imperial Tobacco Group. Prior to Imperial he was Head of Int’l Compensation & Benefits, EMC Corporation which included an 18 month assignment to Paris and a commuting assignment to Brussels.

Bola also successfully works at Non Exec Director level on boards in both the public and third sectors through a number of public appointments and voluntary involvements, in the fields of education, talent acquisition & development and governance.

Bola holds a Masters Degree in HR Management and a Degree in Business Administration.



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Established in 1954, AIRINC (Associates for International Research, Inc.) is a human resources consulting firm dedicated to facilitating global mobility.

AIRINC offers a wide range of expatriate compensation data services and global mobility advisory services, including compensation program design, policy development, benchmark surveys, and transition support. Whether a company is grappling with sending a first assignee, experiencing financial challenges, or contemplating a competitive review of an established program, AIRINC works to meet the specific needs of the client.

AIRINC is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and has full-service offices in Brussels, Amsterdam, London, and Hong Kong.


Mercer offers a full spectrum of global mobility services and products across six continents. With offices in 42 countries and territories and more than 25,000 clients worldwide, we are leading expatriate management experts with a truly global footprint.

Mercer can help you make well informed, strategic decisions on how to optimise your human capital, and are the only consulting firm offering clients cross-functional talent mobility expertise in fields ranging from HR strategy/talent management, total reward, leadership development and workforce planning/metrics to mobility programme and policy design, expatriate compensation and health/retirement benefits.

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BTR International

We are an independent, UK based global mobility services company providing relocation and move management support to worldwide organisations, their assignees, families and partners relocating across the globe.

In addition to holding ISO9001, ISO14001 and FIDI FAIMplus accreditations, we are proud to be members of many internationally respected industry associations including EuRA, Worldwide ERC, IAM and BAR Overseas. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service to provide mobility solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each of our clients.

BTR International: “Together, we’ll go further”.

Zurich International Life

Zurich International Life

International employee benefit solutions
Zurich International Life is part of the Zurich Financial Services Group, offering life insurance, investment and protection solutions throughout the world. We have proven capability of operating internationally and in tailoring our products and services to meet the local requirements of expatriates and multinational corporations of all sizes. With a local presence in Europe, the Middle and Far East, we’ve developed our knowledge and understanding of key markets, enabling us to meet the needs of our customers and business partners for over 20 years. Our standard or individually tailored financial solutions are both flexible and portable and ideally suited to support a globally mobile workforce.
Zurich – serving our customers for more than 135 years.

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ACS International Schools

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All ACS schools are non-sectarian and co-educational (with boarding available at ACS Cobham). We accept students aged 2 to 18, and offer both American and international curricula, including the International Baccalaureate (IB).

All schools have state of the art facilities and a strong programme of co-curricular activities that support the schools’ strong student-centred philosophy.


A leading worldwide provider of relocation and moving solutions, SIRVA Worldwide, Inc. ( provides more than 230,000 relocations per year to corporations, government employees, and individual consumers through its family of companies.

The Company delivers the best mobility experience at the lowest total cost to relocate through complete management of the global supply chain, the world’s leading global operations, industry-leading risk management processes, and full accountability and transparency of costs.

SIRVA’s family of companies includes Allied, Allied International, Allied Pickfords, Allied Special Products, DJK Residential, Global, northAmerican, northAmerican International, SIRVA Mortgage, SIRVA Relocation, SIRVA Move Management, SIRVA Global Relocation, Inc. and SIRVA Settlement.

Bristol Global Mobility

Bristol provides global mobility services to meet your unique needs, offering customized and easy to implement solutions such as: a complete range of home sale programs, destination solutions, domestic and international household goods move management, short-term temporary accommodations, full program administration, and ongoing global assignment support.

Interdean Relocation Services

Interdean Relocation Services

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Whether looking to expand into new territories or to leverage your human capital in core international markets, Interdean has the relocation service to support the needs of your business and your relocating employees.
Interdean provides the full range of relocation services to support businesses with international interests.

Part of the Santa Fe Group
As part of the Santa Fe Group, Interdean has 120 offices in 50 locations across the world and employs 3,150 dedicated professionals, increasing our capacity to deliver consistent relocation services globally.
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