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Are you following the build up to the general election in the UK with interest?

Are you concerned about the impact a new government will have on your organisation?

Personally, I have been avidly watching the developments. Something that caught my eye in the recent Budget was George Osbourne’s announcement to further reduce corporation tax in Britain to twenty percent, making it the joint lowest in the G20.

The rationale is to make Britain the place for businesses to be based, and to allow existing businesses to reinvest the savings. Surely this is a good thing? I am in two minds on this.

Will you reinvest the savings in your people through training and development or maybe a summer team building event? Or possibly use this as an opportunity to recruit more people to add resources to your stretched teams?

Or are the savings likely to be used to boost shareholders dividends? Or just boost profit margins. What do you feel the impact will be to your organisation?

Could this be an opportunity to invest in your people and begin or continue the journey to a culture of wellbeing?

By putting in place a strategic wellbeing plan that aligns with your core business objectives it is clear that the return will be an increase in productivity, efficiency and in turn profitability.

Let’s us not forget it will help save money that you are haemorrhaging due to absenteeism, losing good people, failing to attract the right talent, accidents and other health and safety incidents.

How do you feel this will impact your organisation? Do you believe that you will be allocated an improved budget for the benefit of your colleagues, or do you feel that investment in job creation is the most necessary?

Whatever your thoughts on the election campaign thus far, the outcome can and will effect the way UK workplaces develop over the coming years, and the need to invest in skills development and wellbeing has never been greater.

Nick Achilleos from the Stress Management Society is one of the chosen blog for our Health Work Summit 2015.


The Society was formed in 2003 by a number of healthcare professionals, management consultants and therapists - all experts in mental health, well-being and quality of life issues.

Their goal was to create a brand new type of accessible organization that offered impartial help and advice to everyone on stress management.

The professional counsellors involved in the organization are qualified to the highest degree. They are members of professional bodies from the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, General Hypnotherapy Register, Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Association Thought Field Therapy.

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