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It is widely recognised that employees represent a potentially powerful source of competitive advantage. The proven link between high levels of motivation, commitment, and business success has made the proactive engagement of employees a strategic imperative through successful talent management strategy.

We have an executive workshop which will ensure that, when it comes to employee engagement, you and your organisation can avoid the ‘showstoppers’ and instead embed successful employee engagement practice leading to improved organisation performance.

On this course you will learn:

  • The six pillars for embedding successful employee engagement and talent management
  • How organisations optimise talent management and employee engagement
  • Strategic and tactical insight provided by unique case studies fused with real data
  • Understanding and defining employee engagement and talent management (and why it is very important)
  • The importance of ‘smart measurement’ and constructing your own micro ‘big data’ analytics set
  • Assessing where your organisation is on the employee engagement and talent management ‘curves’
  • Identifying organisation ‘blockages’ and ‘blindspots’
  • Practical tips on conducting employee engagement surveys and talent management initiatives

We recommend this course to HR practitioners and managers involved in employee engagement and/or talent management initiatives.

To find out more information on the Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance training day, including the full programme click here.

To book, click here or call 020 7231 5100.