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Joseph Bradley is a recognised industry leader and technologist. He previously was Vice President of Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) Practice, where he led a team of technology and business consultants counselling CXOs and government leaders on realizing IoE value and digital business transformation.

Joseph’s passion for disruptive technologies, inclusion and diversity, and the role people play in driving innovation to create a better world, have made him a popular speaker and thought leader. His work has appeared in global publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, and he is the author of Questioneering: The New Model for Innovative Leaders in the Digital Age.

At the Future of Work 2018, Joseph will be holding a called ‘The no-collar workforce of the future is here: a guide for humans and machines‘ which will cover workforce automation, the role of machines in the workforce, access to talent pools over traditional employment models, shifting from skills to capabilities and more. Joseph will also take part in a panel discussion alongside Richard Burton, Head of Innovation at Blue Lab at EDF Energy, where we will be exploring disruptive technologies and how they will impact the future of HR.

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